Help me find more clothes!

Can any of you guys or girls in here give me your tips on how to expand your wardrobe?
I don’t seem to find any new clothes or hairstyles anymore, and I know I’m missing a whole lot.

Are clothes location based? Maybe I’m trotting through the same areas over and over again.
I haven’t really explored the 2 biggest towns in the game either. Is this a clue to follow?

Are they level or playtime based?

Are they completely random?

Does anyone know? :slight_smile:

You can try and make a second character with a different style than the first.

Well ok, but my first is lvl. 25 and I want to cap him first.

I get clothing items all the time when I loot the command bunkers, and I’m level 29.

I have noticed that military apparel spawn more often in bunkers/military facilities, and casual items are more often found in houses, cars sheds etc. whitch make sense. Other than that I have’nt found any decisive patterns, but I think visiting new places is definitely worth a try.
I have over 400 apparels and only used one style, so that does’nt seem to matter, but I have played about 300 hours and looted every corner of the map.

First off, you can unlock everything that comes as part of a starting style by just starting a new character with that starting style (you don’t even have to do anything other than just load in as that character, after that, you can just delete the character completely). Some of the things you can get this way seem to not be very common (the metalhead hair styles for example).

Beyond that, it’s mostly luck. @Balla_Jazzuz is correct that you will generally find more military clothing at military bases and more civilian clothing just lying around. I think there may be some further impact based on where exactly you are, but I’m not sure it’s enough to matter. Some clothing is rarer than others though, so it may take a lot of searching to find certain items.

Just to be super clear, like @ahferroin7 is hinting about; all of your characters share the same wardrobe :blush: So feel free to start new characters - their outfits will be applicable from your main characters “clothing tree” :sunglasses:

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And outside of what everyone else has said here, some things seem to be much rarer than others, like the pirate eye patch that some people got in their first week and others still haven’t found yet and items like the dazzle military style, and certain colored hairstyles. I still find new vanity items every once in a while myself so there’s gotta be a ton in game :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:
I know about the other characters. I have 2 extra that I use as mules, and I know the wardrobe is profile based. I think I’ll just have to search harder in order to find more.
To be a bit clearer, I already have a ton of clothes, but the ones I’d like to wear keep eluding me. And lately, the game has seemed a bit hung up on giving me the same crap over and over again. I must have found that “pink/black punk skirt” 20 times!
Haha! I’m one of those who got the pirate eyepatch the first week! :smile:


I’m still on the hunt for that … erm … darn pirate eye patch :unamused: Think I’m over 300 attires and like you @NJR87 I keep finding punk skirts over and over again :joy: Too bad one can’t share clothing like you can with inventory items…

I’ve got two Pirate eye patches. I’ll give one to someone if they want… :))

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Woa, then they fixed this.
Marvellous, asked several times for this! :slight_smile:
Awesome job, Avalanche!
Logic FTW!

Well, can you drop clothing now?
Also, can you have more then 1? O_O

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I have no idea! Perhaps not, in which case I shall wear on on each eye, which may well improve my performance…

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