Help me understand XP in this game

So… I just downed a bidep who my binoculars scanned as “HARD” and I got +33 XP for it.
It was hard to bring him down with the weapons I had, so I did distraction flare + stealth + gas canister to make the robot go boom.

However, just further down the road I encounter two small dogs, scanned as “EASY”. Yes, they were easy. I just had to stand in the middle of the road and bullet-spray them until they collapsed. It took shorter time than the HARD enemy, I was not stealthy in any way, and did not use ANY other devices such as flares or whatever. I got +117 XP. HOW???

Even if you divide 117 by two (there were 2 dogs after all), you STILL have more XP/kill than the harder one in the beginning.

How should I understand XP here? It’s an honest question cause I need to skill up my character and I am interested to know what play style is more beneficial for that. Thoughts?

Edit: Fun to read your comments! Just to add, I just now sniped a target from a craaaazy distance. One shot kill! Got +11 XP for it lol


I’ve had similar experiances in my game aswell.

I got +33XP for killing a Harvester with distraction flare and than 3x rockets from Rocketlauncher.
A bit further I got +39XP for killing a runner the simple, open, direct, SMG to the head, style.

I even got +49XP for simply escaping combat (a lot of enemies involved).

So I understand what you mean. The XP gain does not always equal the effort
needed to kill an enemy. I have encountered the same problem and I hope someone
of the developpers can explain us this a bit better as I would like to understand this.

One more thing I have noticed. I am at level 29 now and I really feel like the Hunters simply don’t die anymore. Yesterday I went into combat with them multiple times in about 4 hours of gameplay. I simply couldnt kill them. At 1 Hunter I emptied 5 entire MP5 SMG magazines.
Nothing happend. Another got 4 entire AK47 Armorpiercing bullets to the stomage and head, nothing. Yet another one got about “atleast” 30 shots of 12 Cal Buckshot into his torso form quite close distance, nothing. Do they level up with the player? Cause I can tell you, with 6 Hunters and 5 runners packed together, releasing also those damn Ticks every 20 seconds, this is quite an unsolvable situation for a offline single player experiance. I can not even carry that much bullets, granades, mines and rockets to solve this as a single player. In my level runners carry lazer aimed rocket launchers and they shoot/reload very fast. Togehter with Hunters that simply won’t die when you hit them with less than a rocket, and emitting those damn Ticks every 20 seconds. Simply unbeatable.

The thing is, if I remember correctly, in the beginning my Hunters used to die from about 2
clips of normal Full Metal Jacket 7,62 Cal ammo from an assualt rifle.

What is wrong here? I like hard games, no problem there, but when firing 5 SMG clips
at an enemy, they should die. This are 150 bullets. I even shot 5x .50 CAL FMJ at one, nothing.
And just so you know, there is nothing wrong with my aim :wink:
(You can see the bullets impact on the enemy as it gives these litlle light/flash effects)

Anyone encountered the same experience: Hunters so hard to kill after a certain level?

I have nothis that to and to get your grande rockets ammo back you need to hold for like 10 min then it will weak up but you can almost kill them now whit 2 pistol shoot like the pp gun so have like 20 min battle and get low exp and run and kill some doogs and get the dubbel xp for half the time and sorry for my bad eng ihop you can understand it

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Yes, compared to the other enemy types the runners are by far the most rewarding concerning XP. However, personally I feel that the harder an enemy is to kill, the more rewarding it should be. It is not easy to find .50 Cal bullets in the game and rockets are rare aswell. So killing Harvesters and Tanks should be compensated with more XP points IMO.

One could argue they make easier targets, I understand that aswell, and they are not fast.
But why create such impressive enemies if they are not worth the kill compared to the most standard enemies in the game.

And as I said, my Hunters simply don’t die anymore. Atleast that’s the feeling I have at the moment. This is slowely becomming a nightmare for a single playing experiance the further you get. It is not my style to avoid enemies in games, I truley dislike to do so, but I got tiered of having to visit a village with 200 Loot crates to find, simply to load up for one single combat with 4-5 Hunters only to find out that after the combat, all the reserves are gone and I need to surch once more 30-40 houses and cars simply to refill my ammo and first aid kits.
(This is the game style, I know, but not after one single combat, please.)

I feel the same I have like 6 slots of firs aid and sume flarse the rest is ammo and when ammo runs out gate back and start refill agen

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Indeed, and in the tempo I engage the enemies this literally means that I have to visit larger towns and bunkers to loot like every 15 minutes. At the tempo I surch the buildings and cars it starts to make you Seasick after a while, simply because you enter rooms fast, do a lot of turning, opening doors, looking up, looking down, using flashlight, etc… This is not amusing if you have to repeat it after every single fight.

Also: One huge problem in my Opinion, in this game. I have a .50 Cal since day two.
So I have it for quite a while now. I have uncovered the entire map completely up to the North. But in the 5 days I have my .50 Cal now I only encountered 2 (yes, literally 2) random loot boxes that had .50 Cal ammo. However, every (let’s say 10th for arguments sake) lootbox, even high up in the North, contains those stupid .32 rounds.

The .32 is the first weapon you get. One might assume that when you reach the high North of the map that this .32 Pistol has been longtimes swapped for a better handgun.

My point is, the 50 Cal is one of the strongest weapons in the game but I don’t find ammo for it in random loot boxes unless I fast travel to specific locations where I know for sure there are a few .50 Cal bullets to be found.

PS: I kow where to get the ammo, that’s not my point. You get it from some specific “Mission loot boxes” like on the airfield and from picking up the .50 Cal rifles and using their bullets, and from killing Harvesters and Tanks every now and then. But why are there so many boxes with .32 cal ammo high up in the north and no .50 cal to be found in the random loot boxes?

One might argue that it is better to avoid enemies to not have the need for going looting towns every 15 minutes. I totally agree to that. But if one of your last mission objectives literally is:
Destroy enough machines in the forrest area, you have no other option as to engage the machines, unfortunately. Otherwise I would simply go around those machines instead of fighting them to solve this problem. But that’s not an option cause I need acces to the Marden bunker and I need to kill machines in order to do so.

I created a post several days ago about this that got no responses, but i mentioned during my test of things that getting a 1 shot kill with hunting rifle to the component on the back of the runners nets you only 9xp, while shooting the living hell out of them with the pistol nets you 39xp. so something is probably off in the way the game distributes xp