Help Needed/Feedback: Identifying icons in the mission Log

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you help me identify what both icons in my mission log mean? It seems there’s a polar bear and some kind of triangle. I assume they are related to the DLCs, but what is each of them for exactly?

Also, that would be great if developers could make that clearer. Thanks!

Added Bonus info

Oh! I just tried something. I tried disabling both Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising DLCs in the Steam menus, and here’s what happened when I loaded my game back:

When I re-enabled them:

Neat! I think I’ll disable both DLCs until I finish everything. (I’m honestly not sure what the content of “FNIX Rising” is exactly… :sweat_smile: If anyone can help with that too, I would appreciate.)

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Yes, those are for the DLCs. You click on them then look where it states “Position:” that is the region they are in.

Alpine Unrest will be the polar bear, which will be in the Himfjall region. The other icon will be the FNIX DLC. Base game has no icons.


I believe the other symbol is the resistance logo, for the FNIX dlc as already stated.

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Thanks to both of you.

I know the edit I made to my post makes it wider, but I thought that was OK.

Is there some kind of infographic or summary explaining what each DLC brought into the game as free and “forced” (I don’t mean it as a bad thing.) features?

Aside from removing the missions, does temporarily disabling those DLCs remove anything else? Thanks!

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Also, in case a moderator would wonder why I put my thread in “feedback”, that’s because I consider that my question is feedback.

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Well, Alpine unrest adds Himfjäll island, like 10 main missions, 10 side missions, Himfjäll is full of apocalypse class enemies which is good for farming 5c weapons. FNIX Rising adds something like 10 main and 10 side missions, mostly in south coast and farmlands region.
Also: check store pages

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough.

I already (quickly) checked both paged on Steam store, but I’m having difficulties understanding what will disappear once I disable the DLCs. Will all the Apocalypse class enemies disappear?

For FNIX Rising, the store page has two sections: “EXPANSION PACK FEATURES” and “ADDITIONAL GAME FEATURES”

    • ALTERED LANDSCAPES (“the machines have been busy repurposing the landscape”)
    • THE RESISTANCE GROWS (“you bump into clear signs of human resistance”)
    • MORE TO DISCOVER (“new collectibles and clothing, as well as new achievements”)

(Sorry for the caps. I copy-pasted and I guess that the capital letters were hardcoded.)

Just the missions and Himfjäll island access, all enemies should remain and most map stuff should be the same.

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Yep, you got it :+1:

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