Help! Please can't play


When I go to equip a weapon ammo sponds in its place instead. Or when I go to equip first aid to a left or right or down on the d-pad ammo sponds there. Or some times when I chose a weapon I want to use I try to equip it and it disappears all together. I have lost 3 guns because of it. I can’t play anymore because of the problems. I am on xbox one gamer tag Sharkattack2551. Ps. I have uninstalled it 2 time and reinstalled and still no fix. Please help!!!


Not heard of this before thats really odd hope someone can help you


Yes still had same problem


As the fellow forum user’s say that is an odd bug , if you want a DEV to acknowledge your bug report use this template here :point_right: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report , they just need to know stuff like game ‘update version ’ solo ’ host’ , goodluck pal