Help please with the Farudden mast


Um, I was playing Gen Z and came across the Farudden radar mast and there was a building a little north-east and near the building was a locked crate. I had a lot of lock picks and the lockpicking skill but I couldn’t open it. Please if anyone knows could you tell me if you need a key or a mission and where you get the mission and key?


A locked crate? Sounds unusual, can you post a screenshot of it?


I think he means a locked shipping container. I have the same issue and im almost certain its a mission that needs to be triggered before it can be opened.



Oh, then I know which one he’s talking about. I think it’s related to a mission that completes nearby, but I’ve never been able to unlock it either :confused:


I have just been there. A white shipping container next to the safehouse, near the sea.


Well, I thought you were talking about this … If not, I misunderstood.


Yes I was thank you for understanding.


I regret, my English is not quite fluent (but will improve).


So, there’s a shack up the hill that is fenced in. if you go in the door, there’s a grill with tires behind it against the wall inside. if you get close enough to it, i believe that is the key to unlock the container, but you can’t get to it.


I got curious and went there myself. Turns out, there’s an ammo box stuck under there, just barely poking out from under the tires. With the help from an explosive I cleared the pile of that grill and other stuff, and was able to loot the box. Still, nice find :wink:


Well at least you were able to get to something there! Sadly, it wasn’t the key though :confused:


I seem to have found a quest item there in one of the shacks, a notebook of sorts, although it did not unlock any quest.


I had the same mission, forget its name, but it didn’t add to my journal. Its a notepad on a table


I was able to open that box too but its just a regular ammo box, no key…there is a brown suitcase next to it that is behind that green patio table, but I couldn’t figure out a way to open it


The white sea can at that loc is completely empty. So, even if we can open it, there’s nothing in it.

How do i know it? I sneak peaked through the small gap between the doors, while sun was at the other side, illuminating the innards of that white sea can.


That side mission is “Heavy Loadout” (starts at (1265, -5138), note in letterbox, first floor) and that notebook is the final mission item you need to pick up to complete the mission.


I managed to get the “suitcase” (Trunk) you speak of, I had nothing useful for me inside other than clothing ! I found the sweet spot needed also. I will post both pictures