Help to get a achivement

There’s already a time when I don’t need to worry about skill points, so what’s the fastest way to get it?
Base assault?
I really forgot hehehe

To get what? You’re asking about an achievement but not letting us know which achievement…


The fastest way to get it would be to spend all your points in only 1 category until you can get the last one in that skill row. Then make a new character and do the same thing but in a different skill row. Once you have 2 different characters with 2 different active specializations, the achievement should kick in.
Active specializations are the skills at the bottom of the skill list. Only one specialization can be active at once, so you need 2 different characters with different active skills to get it.

Thanks, I have one active specialization
How I use It in battle ?
The my is The first in The list( In The end)

And How i get skill points fast?

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The specialty is passive and active as long as it is set. You gain skill points each time you level up, up until level 31. Which is the max.

Missions are the fastest way to level up at the beginning.

Ok thanks Guys. I Will make The missions

I need The DLC Finix Rising to complete this achievement?

Yes, you need the FNIX Rising DLC for that achievement

Sad, i have Just Alpine Unrest

So get the other one too. :vulcan_salute:

And uprising has such a good story

Yes, I Will Buy It thanks for help guys

And best play it solo. You can replay it in a new world in coop.

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