Help with grinding outfit

Does anyone know what i should grind for the police uniform if its even possible, its a pretty cool looking outfit and ive been looking for it but havent found any pieces

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Apocalypse machines that are not on Himfjall drop the police clothing set. Best places for spawns are North Coast and the Marshlands.

Police Uniform are considered rare drops. I just found a Police uniform (jacket) in the South Coast too, yesterday.

  • I only apparel I’m missing are some pieces of the Christmas Special Outfit (Fancy set) which featured for the first time in 2019. I hope they do another Event this year.
  • And the Radical Vanity Pack (which was Bonus for pre-ordering Game)
    I would love that bomber jacket. :coffee:

sorry for asking i got the game a few days ago but how do i know that im fighting an apocalypse machine i dont think ive seen them so i got no clue how to know which is which

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I’ve always gotten the outfits in ostervik from high class hunters.

Apoc machines are a greeny blue colour with radiation coming of them.

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do they spawn in a certain level because ive been looking everywhere and i just beat the game and havent found any

They always are on himfjäll (alpine unrest dlc), but you can find them in other regions as well.
I have place for you with guaranteed spawn, except himfjäll, sorry.

You should look for the machine blueprints of all of them and then use binoculars with tech view to figure them out.

Later you will see them from far away (green shining or green smoke) or even hear them.

Oh, wait a minute. Thereare almost always some north of märden command bunker in forest region. Most times it’s a tank or a harvester (with hunters and ticks).

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Apocalypse Mashines are Around, but they are Rare outside of Himfjall.
Here is a Couple areas places i recall seeing Apocalypse Machines at:

  • Farmlands: There is a Tank at the Air Base, and Hunters near the Crater and some Runners can walk around the far north west part

  • Forest: They can be around the deforested Area around the Grandhugget (Hunters and Runners, but since the Update I’ve seen Tanks there too
    There used to be a Harvester near Mården Bunker, But there can still be a Tank there
    and Sometimes a Hunter or a small pack of Runners can be in Østervik

  • Southcoast: There often is a Hunter near the southern Bunker
    and a Tank near the Farm with a crossroad and a harvester a bit more north

  • Mountains: in an open forest Area south of the Military Compound there can be a Harvester and Tank

  • Northcoast: At the crossroads near the Far south, there can be a pack of Runners.

  • Marshlands: the Pack of Runners that i recall seems to have been replaced by Lynx in Stenmyre and i don’t recall finding Apocalypse machines there for awhile…

Also any Rivals with D in their ID is an Apocalypse:
Example: Wolf D-441

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I don’t know about it being rare I keep running into them all the dam time mostly in the farmlands