Help with mission Defend the Björntunet Hotel

I get down to the last wave with the Tank and the Hotel gets destroyed. I’ve depleted all my Adrenaline shots, I have no experimentals. What is the best strategy to complete this mission?

What’s your characters level?
What is your armament?

I guess you didn’t complete the main story missions and the fnix rising missions yet?

At first you should level up your character and hunt rivals for getting some experimentals.

You should own at least a 5c pvg, 6c would be better.

By doing base defense or assault missions you should get experimental ammo scematics as well. Try to improve your clothes with some resistances (bullet/fire/explosive-resistance).

If you just carry about 2 adrenalines with you, you should have more luck for looting adrenalines.

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If need be you can turn the difficulty down to Adventure, unless that’s already what you’re playing on.

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No need to level up or get exp weapons/ammo. Just do a lot run and get some mines to place on the area they come from. And get som emp rockets/devices and some gas tanks you can leave at stategic posotions. It’s a hard fight but doing it that way you can defeat them. I usually go to Himlafjäll directly from when i get of the first region. When I finished the story I always start over and delete all saves. So I’ve done Himlafjäll many times without high lv and without exp stuff.


Well, it’s not needed and you did it multiple times… But Rambo seems to be there the first time and did propably go the same route. He is not as experienced.

And if I’m right you have to be cautious with going outside the hotel. For me the mission got lost the first times just because I left the building.

Of course you can chose this way, but I think it’s not originally intended.

I’m level 27, I beat the main story, I have a few five crown weapons. I have plenty of mines and rockets.

Finally beat the mission. I watched a video on YT by Mr50_Caliber and made some adjustments. I basically did run & gun outside using cover on Skirmish difficulty.
I swapped out the 5 crown AI76 for the 3 Crown Kvm59, I swapped my Simple health packs for Advanced ones, I used the 5 crown HP5 on the runners & the Kvm59 on the Hunters & tank. I saved my rockets and mines for the tank too. The Kvm59 & Advanced health packs made the biggest difference.
Oh, and you don’t need to use your adrenaline, if you die, the mission isn’t over just respawn in the hotel and rush back out.