Here is my list of simple requests

Not crashing.
If you can’t fix that, add manual saves.

Weight limits are fine. Storage chest size could be bigger, but fine. Are we talking 96/200/250 kilos? That’s pretty heavy. I’m not going to run up hill much, with a rocket launcher & a .50 cal dangling off the side.

I’d rather have a weapon wheel than an emote wheel. Even a pause would be nice, as I have to get into my screen to find the weapon or item, then arm it, then use it. Nope, blown up again.

More recipes/schematics. Less “need this first”. How about I can make a sticky bomb? Or an adrenaline shot? Making `nades or sticky flares would be good too. Make them as a reward or something.
Speaking of recipes/schematics, the need to find a different level one, before making one is OLD.

I’d like to see more realism. I don’t care I can’t swim, but I shouldn’t drown in shallow water either.
If I shoot an alarm (seeker) drone with the .50, it’s gonna do more than just spark off the side in the real world. Armor piercing is for armor, FMJs are for everything else. Hollow points make a little hole going in, & a massive hole coming out. This includes metal. Not so, Gen 0.

Scopes fit everything.

Rockets knock things over, & explode them, even if they have gyro traction (or whatever).
Throwing pitch (soft to hard) would be nice. Lob, would be great.
Not crashing the computer would be fantastic!

Recycle shouldn’t be so limited. I need 10 large EMPs? Really! Five is a good number, like with smoke bombs & land mines.
What do I make with wood?
I dismantle a house?
Yeah, instructions would be great too. Not a bunch, but some easy to see.

I have the only bike that works? I can’t carry it up a hill, but I can most of the time kick it down? I can’t find other ones just laying around? I’d like it to be able to get up a small incline.
Assorted bikes laying around would be nice. Or carry.

Finally, being able to respec would be nice. Maybe after max level, you can get points for something else?

I think they are working on it.