Heres some cool things to add

Sup, I’m bumrush73 I’ve been playing gz since himjfal was added, here’s some ideas I have. For small things poping car tires and breaking car windows should be added along with a sliding mechanic. There should also be a freind system so you can join friends on multiple platforms, like if someone’s on Xbox and you’re on Playstation you can play together. Another nice thing is if you added a boss kill count to the stats. Also you should be able to get accessories for your pets like googly eyes for your dog or tick. And recently the storage box and recycle box have more upgrades and it would be cool to have more visual things added for the upgrades like armor or size. For some bigger stuff I had ideas based on how the harvester can call in hunters from space as reinforcements and knowing that fnyx is an AI able to make ridiculus stuff that’s more advanced than stuff for the time, so fynx could make a 5th class of machines that have super strong armor and weapons. I thought a cool name would be the perfected class. For example when the reaper calls in runners after nuking the place they should be way stronger than fynx class. I feel if the reaper needs backup and calls in runners, they should be able to tank a rocket launcher. And imagine the things a hunter can have like muti rocket systems or an anti rocket launcher gun. Also rivals should have better weapons, Armor, and look different when they level up. Perhaps when they level up a machine comes down from space to add the upgrades and then rather self destructs or Flys back up. Also if the apocalypse class machines use radioactive stuff when they explode shouldnt the explosion be bigger and leave a radioactive pubble behind like the reapers missles. The reaper also is really cool and I feel like it should have it’s own boss music theme for when it is yellow and red. And you should have a Russian secret boss like the reaper. It could be a cool firebird kind of thingy with lost of air mines and rockets. I hope you enjoy this list but most if all I mainly feel like the game needs more things to do. Overall it’s does feel empty especially endgame when you finish the story and all the dlc’s I just feel like you could add more to the game. Maybye fynx makes more robots or also adding an in game multi platform freind system. I really love the game, and I hope this does give some useful ideas to add.