Hermelinen Bunker keycards wont drop

This is on PC, my world save, singleplayer.

I cannot find any keycards for the Hermelinen bunker, its been stuck at 2/3 found for a few months now. I am killing every single mech all around the north coast region, FNIX and Soviets and gotten nothing. Has anyone else experienced similar and is there a fix? Thanks

I once experienced something similar, and I realized I had to kill machines closer to the bunker itself (which may both be intuitive, and counter-intuitive - depending on how you think about it). So try and kill machines as close as possible to the bunker, and see if it helps.


Will try this. Thanks

Soviet Machines dont drop Keycard barcodes, youll have the use the Alternate Entrance to get into the bunker instead.

yeah I just found it. I’ve been oblivious to that entrance for months now haha