Hey Dev's .. i got a really big problem

i purchased the game on steam about a month ago … and got my previous character up to lvl 20 and that is as far as i get because if i go any further than that the game just crashes after exiting the game completely … i have just done a complete clean reinstall (after removing everything related to GZ in registry, documents and steam) and still get a crash on a brand new character/game … i have sent at least a thousand reports to you guys over the last month and there is no way that i can enjoy the game with friends if i have to do all my quests after getting to around lvl 23and when i exit game everything is lost in my invetory and progress.

I’m having similar issues, playing on PC and I have multiple crashes a session even after the update. (I absolutely love reloading while sprinting!)
The crashes, while extremely annoying I can deal with.

What really sucks is that yesterday, after playing for a couple hours, my computer suffered a hard crash. Not a common thing for me but it does happen. Upon restarting I discovered that my game had been erased.
100+ hours, max level characters, nearly all challenges completed.
Tried the fixes found here on the forum, NOTHING.
I know the game is still in early stages and i’m not giving up on it. But might I suggest an automatic backup of game saves into a different folder?
Everybody’s system suffers hard crashes from time to time. Losing 100+ hours of gameplay is heartbreaking. I find myself looking for cheats so I can get back to the level I was, and I hate cheating.
Any new fixes?
And yes in the future i’m creating my own backups, but seriously the game should already have backups in case the save is corrupted. Isn’t this kind of thing automatic and triple redundant on consoles?

The game being unstable and crashing frequently is something the devs are aware of, they’ve tried different methods to remedy this and it’s worked for some, but judging by the severity of the issue they’re not done yet. There’s a main thread for the issue here, and a recent dev report here made by our Community Manager.

I’ve been told it’s being looked into, with certain priority no less, so hopefully this’ll get rectified as soon as possible. I’m one of the people having issues, so I know the deal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

hope they fix this issue as i love the game and don’t like the fact that i have to do everything over time and time again (and using up all my data for the internet connection while playing MP) … SP is just as bad.

Locking the thread since it’s a duplicate report.


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