Letter from the Team - January 31st

Hello again everyone!

Already one month down in 2020 but plenty more to go. Earlier this week we pushed out an Update to squish some bugs, and to re-launch the Winter Event we ran so more people could have a shot at getting some fancy outfits for their characters. As we mentioned in those Patch Notes, it wasn’t a large update for us as we’re just back from the holidays. But during the month, and into February, we’ll be working on some new stuff that we’ll talk about later as well as, of course, focusing on yet more bug-fixing.

Speaking of, after our most recent patch we saw a bit of extra pickup around performance issues with the game (ie. crashes). Given what you’re telling us and the new info we’re seeing in our crash reporting, we are putting yet more resources into finding, and then fixing, these types of problems. There has already been some headway into this area for upcoming updates, but some issues may take a bit longer to sort through and fix.

That aside, we’re glad to see many of you are enjoying the continual fixes we are pushing out - particularly Mission updates. These are important to us so we’ll keep on tracking your feedback, our data, and our testing to make sure we can catch and fix these as soon as they pop up!

So, that’s January down - and thanks for being with us! Look forward to more from us in this space like always. See you next time!

The Generation Zero Team


On ps4pro the game is very stable for me, other than a few landscape graphical tears and the odd bit of of clipping nothing really to shout about. It’s good to see yous continually working on this though.


Hello Development Team,
Thank you for the update & please I beg you do not take this wrong since I still have faith in you & love this game. But, I can not enjoy this update at all on Xbox. The crashing in the last two updates has become so very bad that I can not even play this game that I love so very much. I am personally very frustrated right now. Is there anyway to roll back the past 2 updates so that the game is at least playable for people like myself? I am not a developer so I have no idea what the issues are you are dealing with I just know that I can not play the game at all in a 10min period last time I played the game crashed four times & well that in no way is at all fun.

Again please do not take the above wrong I am just very frustrated & to learn from the above letter that it may be a month or months before I can play your great game again sort of breaks my little gamer heart.


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Despite the issues at @Avalanche_Pontus, it’s had quite an improvement as well as could see some more improvement. Keep doing what you and the crew do best and thank you for providing us great content!

PS: PS4 has issues still for trophies and game play but I have helped a few players platinum their games and find astounding results. Definitely has been an improvement so I look forward to what the team has in store for us. Thanks for the update!

I still need to uh, run some more gamplay tests, but I’m pretty sure the ‘ghost noises bug’ is gone.
That particular one was a huge issue for the sakes of immersion, and sound localization ingame and to see that dead Machines stay dead and don’t make any noise is a big step in the right direction.

Best of luck with the crashing issue, guys.

Sorry Pontus, but the wide spread of crashing issues didn’t start with your “most recent patch”, it started after x-mas…

So please put most if not all of your efforts into solving this severe issue which leaves quite some people totally unable to play the game in it’s momentary state ! It is definitely related to an erroneous spawn of rivals and maybe, too, related to the holiday loot or event as the reports of crashing started to raise right after xmas.

Oh… and please no new stuff for now, get your things sorted out first. Please…

My 2 cent… again…


I haven’t heard the rattling of dead machines in a while but I still get the ghost tick. Mainly in bunkers like they are scurrying in the walls. I’m on pc.

I don’t think those are Ticks, I think it’s the rattling of a physics prop somewhere.

I’m sorry but you can’t keep using the holiday break as an excuse, it’s February now. And honestly, the update looks good, though yes some people’s games are still ctd (me being one of them). I’m well equipped with F-mod experience to tell you how uncooperative it is.