High-Class Target side mission

i took down the High-Class target (looks like a new side mission) and the body literally decided to Join another realm and i can’t even touch it, i tried the game restart and sadly it didn’t help so uh i guess its a bug but i honestly don’t really know how it happend because i killed the Harvester and then turned around to check if there is any other enemy left and then whops the dead Harvester was stolen by some Unkown entity :slight_smile:

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I didn’t have any problem with that one on PS5.

Too late for this info to help you, here, but it might be good to remember going forward.

Not sure if I’ve seen it happen since the update, yet, but there was previously an issue where wrecks could randomly get tossed. Physics/collision glitch could suddenly send them flying, if the wreck was in contact with another wreck, or some loose piece of debris from any wreck, or if they came into contact with some other live machine—kicked by a Tank, flung by a Tick, shoved by a Runner or Hunter, etc… Didn’t happen 100% of the time, but it was a common enough thing to see.

That issue seemed like it could be “re-triggered” if you looked away from a wreck and then turned back to look at it again.

So, “safest” thing to do—in regards to loot, anyway—was to immediately loot any large machine wrecks as soon as the large machine was destroyed, without looking away from them until they had been looted.

If you looked away to deal with something else, or to double-check that the coast was clear, then looked back to the large wreck…that might’ve been all it took to get it sent flying, if things had fallen under the wreck as they often do…

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I had a similar problem in this mission but I was able to finish the mission but I was unable to loot the target. It glowed but no loot icon appeared also Harvester and Soviet Wolves in my experience are highly likely to launch themselves across the landscape as well as easily being pushed around by other machines.

Your Probably right because when i turned around to check i heard behind me a loud noise as if something started a rocket Engine.

The Problem for me now is only that i never will be able to loot it because whenever i open this World the Harvester wont appear at all so uh yeah i guess this mission will be forever uncleared for me but i guess i can live with that.