High Profile Target and Resistance Radio Mission issues

Good evening,

Playing on PS4, single player

During the High Profile Target Mission, I was prompted to fill the generator with gas, but didn’t have any in my inventory. I obtained some and returned. However now I cannot put the gas in the generator and continue with the quest.

During the Resistance Radio Mission, two of the three towers are visible and can be repaired. The third tower l, nothing loads in the game except a floating box about 30 feet in the air, the generator and some enemies.

Thank you for all you do, I just started this game a few months ago and it has been great!

Same thing happened to me. I fast-travelled to get fuel, and when I returned it was like the generated task had been completed and the next step had been activated.

There’s no “Hold [E] to Use” prompt at the generator, and no task relating to the generator listed under “Objectives” in the Side Mission Log page, but there’s also no “Hold [E] to Use” prompt at the radio transmitter either.