High Value Target (side mission)

You don’t alway have to use the generator. These procedural missions switch up what actions you have to do, sometimes it’s repair a fusebox, or shoot up some component, or just push a button.

With this mission, I had once refueling the generator or once I got to push the button. Afterwards needed to activate the radio transmitter to get the away-point for the target.

Hmmm… interesting

Checking it of course - always searching for…

Thank you. I went to all 3 points and none would let me do anything. Guess I will just keep checking back on the roof and wait till it gives me something to do.

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But the mission is still active for you?

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look under your Side Mission tab, try opening another world, all 4 world’s will give its own mission, that’s sometimes different, filling the gas, repair fusebox, push button, just try that

At the moment It isn’t.

just FYI, (1) you need to be connected to internet for mission to unlock, (2) you can be offline and still play as long as it was unlocked with internet connectivity at one time (3) if you destroy the target and don’t pick up stuff and exit the game, u will come back to a icon hover over empty space (4) this mission appears not to show back up once completed like other missions have, however 4 world’s 4 missions, however, if u don’t play other world’s, then you have a long motorcycle drive ahead to reach this mission

Remember that these are intended as weekly missions, next monday, the gods willing, a procedural mission should start again. But which one will be random, I guess. :coffee:

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(1) I’m always connected to the internet
(2) I’m never offline when playing this game
(3) I destroy, pick up a lot of things and álways exit through travelling to a safe house
(4) The point you make here… I don’t understand. I’m only active in one world.

Yeah still active , other bugs I dislike the Control Point that will not be capture , Tovloreden I spent lots around 200 HEDP rounds blew it up two times and it is now entrenched ,not very satisfying haha cheers

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I recognize this one.