High Value Target (side mission)

Busy with the High Value Target side mission (Find and eliminate the High Value Target machine).

Mission still active, but the blue icon disappeared. Activated the generator and all seems to be working fine on that roof.
No info to be found on the forum of elsewhere.

What can I do now?

go to the next side mission marker and kill the enemy. its rather straight forward. just make sure you are tracking the mission. if its a firebird, they can move about rather quickly. mine was a harvester so he didn’t get very far.

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When you turned on the radio transmitter you should look on the compass or the map where the next mission icon is. Then go there.

Check Out Österviks Industriområde (north of that roof you were) that probably where you have to kill the High value target. If it’s no longer there, just leave it. Procedural missions will restart after some amount of time.

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There is no mission marker at this moment.

Alright, that’s good to know!

So it’s a bird, that’s for sure :smile:

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I had a harvester too, and some Runners and Hunters. But the harvester was the high value target. All were within the fences of Ostervik’s Industriområde so they could not wander off. These procedural missions are optional, you don’t have to do them. But they are fun to do a couple of times.

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and great loot. well for me the same loot I already had, so great salvage LOL

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I díd encounter a few of them, but didn’t get a notice I killed a harvester, for example.

There’s this button, I can’t push or pull it, do you mean this one?

As with all procedural missions you can get different actions to perform. In my case the button also did not work, so there must be something else to do. So look a bit further on that roof, and you will find a generator which needs fuel, then find the radio transmitter and interact with it.

The mission ends when you defeated and checked the Loot of the High Value Target (Harvester)

Edit: In my second High Value Target mission, I did need to push the button, and then activate the radio transmitter. This time target (harvester) was in Nyhamnen, instead of Östervik’s Industriområde.

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and there it is…

and dealt with it

On my bucket list! :anger:

You know that the map has a quick filter that lets you filter for Rivals, FNIX locations, etc.
Missions is also one. Just click that Diamond icon, find the mission, then click ALL again.

missions filter

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Hi New to the game about 6 months using Xbox x , I was doing the side mission High Value Target and got to the roof top found the transmitter the switch and the generator . The generator need fuel so went back got the fuel and headed back to the rooftop but this time and every time since the generator the switch and the radio have no reaction to my presence I’m just playing missions by myself, I get the blue diamond on the rooftop but no pointer hand and no reactions hope someone can help

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Hi, I don’t know, but Check in log / side-missions if the mission is still active and tracked. If not just leave it and wait until a new procedural mission starts. :coffee:


if you exit the game before picking up the stuff, and re-enter the game, the icon will hover over empty space

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I know those filters but didn’t use them - helpful indeed, thanks.

Exactly that! Don’t understand this

Didn’t have any issues yesterday.
There were just two buttons I needed to press and then an alarm (red light) turned on and I needed to go to IGA to destroy the high value target.

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Same here. Went and got some gas and went back. Would not give me prompt to start the generator… so no power to switch to turn on for radio. Played over the last couple of days and each time I go back I still do not get prompt to start generator.

Is this a bug??