Highlight important offensive items when deployed on ground

Hello, all. Fairly new to the game, but I did notice something that really bothers me. When dropping explosive containers or EMPs in an open field to lay a trap and shoot from afar, it’s a pain in the butt to spot them again to shoot, especially when being chased and running for your life. Don’t most games like this make those items glow or flash so you know they are there so you and your teammates know where to shoot in a hectic firefight? So many times I drop an explosive or an EMP to use before a fight begins and then when I run to get some distance, getting chased, I can’t lay my eyes on it. If the devs don’t want it flashing constantly, maybe make it glow when your aiming crosshair is near it. Anyone else feel a need for this?

To be honest I like it, that the game doesn’t hold your hand. When you position items you better remember where you dropped them otherwise good luck finding them :smiley:

Maybe on adventure this might be a thing but on standard or guerilla difficulty the game should not show you too much.


Most? Maybe, but not all. GZ is one of those games that doesn’t highlight it and personally, i also prefer it this way.

While it is true, that finding the placed item afterwards is difficult and it can get lost (have lost few myself), i like that game doesn’t shove it’s location constantly to my face.

While the item highlight, when aiming at it, is less intrusive way, it still implies towards different game mechanic, which would expand to all other things. If this should be in the game, it would’ve been put there from the beginning.

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