Highlighting Defeated Machines Until Loot Collected

I would like to request that the defeated machines be highlighted (a glow or an outline for example) until their loot is collected. It’s hard to find them at times in the environment because their highlighting fades so quickly. I get annoyed because there were times when I fought really hard to defeat a certain machine among a whole bunch of other machines, only to lose track of them in the environment.

Please make it so that the highlighting doesn’t go away and is much easier to see in the environment (especially at night) until their loot is collected.

Thanks! I hope you implement this!

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Idk,… I kinda like scrambling like a kid on crack in a easter egg hunt till I find them all, Gives my A.D.D. something to do. :joy:

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I’m against highlighting or outlining their dead bodies.

I think it would disturb more than being useful.
Imagine a battlefield with trees, rocks, hills, structures and a large group of machines… And you see everywhere outlinings or highlights of destroyed machines. More than you can see the still existing enemies.

I like a clean screen, because I can focus on every small movement better. No distraction. It’s more important to survive the battle as good as possible than to be able to see where you can find loot.

One thing I could live with:
Let them burn, sparkle and smoke as long as they have loot. This indeed would be cool and “realistic” (at least immersive) effects… And if you already took the loot out of a machines, it becomes just dead and cold scrap.


Yeah, any type of highlighting will do. I’m fine with them sparking as you have suggested - just anything to show where they are and that they still have loot on them so I can spot them and collect them quickly instead of running around wasting time trying to find them.

They usually keep the red “search light on” until you loot them. Then you’ll notice it powers off.

No, the red light powers off after a few seconds whether you loot them or not. Maybe you collect the loot right away before it turns off?

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Terminator Resistance had broken machines make sparks and spark noises until it was looted.

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Yeah, that would be great!

No I don’t loot right away. They stay on for me until I loot :confused: which is why I mentioned it.

??? They don’t for me.

Oh, do you have the ability to mark them? Because I don’t. Is that why?

No I don’t mark them. I just know they stay lit. During base defense I always wait until the end to loot everything. The red search light is how I keep track. I have never had one with available loot if the light is off - I always notice it power off after looting though.

Can you post video doing that? Because they only stay red for a few seconds for me and then fade so that it’s hard to find them, especially at nigth. And also, others so far haven’t posted that they stay highlighted either. You’re the only one posting this?

I’m also not talking about base battles. I’m talking about battles that have occurred as I explore, so often the battles are in the woods near installations off the road.

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Sure? Because I’m totally lying about it…

Base loot vs open world loot I would assume to act the same. Maybe I just loot before they shut off. Base defense usually takes about 5 minutes on hard difficulty. Immediately after last wave I go around to loot.

Here is a video of Wired Gaming doing base defense. The downed enemies’ red light only last for a few seconds and then fade.

Note that the gamer doesn’t collect any loot between waves but there are so many downed machines that have stopped glowing red. Imagine this in the woods at night.

Guess I’m just lucky then 🤷

Odd… :thinking:

For me the lights stay on for a short time and then fade away. I guess it’s about the same timeframe when dead machines go “dark” in IR vision.

And yes, some kind of “highlighting” would be very welcome. :+1:

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I guess I’ve only noticed them on. Maybe they do go off. I’ve never really paid attention as I mainly just run around looking for the “high five” icon. Usually notice the light until I loot.

I said the same thing 3 years ago

Looted or not looted body’s:

“YES! I totally agree! Trying to find some of the robot corpses in the scrub brush can be tiresome. It would be great if the sparks/small fires/smoke continued on the corpses until they were looted. This would kinda make sense too, cause when you loot them you are technically pulling out their guts, ripping out wires and power sources, etc… Then the lights go out and the sparks stop.”

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I’m all for something to note who needs to be looted/looked at but not highlighting them. Sparking seems good. Their lights going blue or flashing would be a good indicator. Blue light ruins nightsight, so FNIX should be using it for a trouble state so that human eyes get messed up by it in the dark.