Himarvet! Can´t pick up widlund´s key

I have located the building in Himarvet and entered the basement. After searching Widlund´s body I can´t pick up the key on the floor lying next to the body. I can se the key but it´s not possible to interact with it… Feeling frustrated

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Which platform are you on?

Hi and thank you. I play on pc

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Interesting… I’ve poked the powers that be about this. But until then, think you could you provide a screenshot?

Well it seems that I fucked up. aperently you can´t pick up the key unless the mission is active. So after I activated the mission it could be picked up. Strange that you can see the key when the mission is not active. But thank you for your trouble anyway.

Oh, glad that everything worked out then.

Since the issue was solved, I’ll tag and lock.