Himfjall Island....Ugh

Over 40hrs straight, 50 deaths in and I completed all the quests and side stuff. 100% all points of interest. BUT D*** this place is stingy. Apoc as far as they eye can see… rivals popping every few minutes cause of the threat points you get on every encounter. but over 2k weapon parts later I haven’t found 1/4 of the resistance clothing, no new gold weapons, only 1 attachment I didn’t have, and yes I am missing a lot of gold weapons and attachments. if not for the “challenge” of knocking of tanks of Apoc enemies I would ditch this place. come to Himfjall Island where a few doggos can kill you fast, and no they don’t run alone but rather with a platoon of hunters and nothing drops anything good.

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thanks for editing out the sarcasm and off handed glib of my post @MilesLexicon. Don’t wanna offend anyone :rofl: :rofl:

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Himfjall !

You will never leave :laughing::laughing::v:

dunno about that. I am already sick of this place. I just want to get the “challenge” over with and hopefully find the golds I am looking for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: