Himjfäll Island NPCs

Platform: PC

The NPCs (Anita and others) are invisible making it very confusing when they are talking, this happened when i did the mission “For the sick and the injured” I was playing singleplayer in my own world and i have a strong pc.

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More info is necessary for the devs to see if it could be related to a specific component of your pc.

|Processor|AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHz|
|Installed RAM|16.0 GB|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|

this good enough?

You should at least add which os you’re using.
As far as I know win11 isn’t fully officially supported yet, for example.

I am using windows 11 so that might be why, thanks
(edit: I logged back into the game after exiting and i can see the NPCs now)

It happens on Win10 as well.

NPCs vanish after some time spent in game.

It happens on consoles as well. XB at least, pretty certain it also happens on PS.

It happens with ALL NPCs. Therese, anywhere she might be at any point in the story. The Ringfort NPCs like Veronika, Frederik, and Kenneth. ‘Growing Tree’ (who I wish I could kill) at Averholm Orchard. The Bjorntunet NPCs, anywhere they might be at any point in the story (basement, or basement and ground floor). Mona and company, met during the Firebird investigation, at Hagaboda. Pontus, anywhere he might be at any point in the story. Anybody I left out…?

If you’re having the same exact issue that I see, you probably have a slew of other problems all at the same time also. Your player character probably doesn’t show up at all in the menu screens (Team, Challenges, Outfit screen, etc), and also probably doesn’t show up in the outfit preview at the sewing table. Vehicles probably also don’t show up right when in the previews at the vehicle station. When looting appearance items from any source, those may also not display their object previews correctly.

In my experience, all of these issues happen at once after about an hour play time, maybe more, maybe less… Fortunately, they can all be temporarily fixed by exiting the game and restarting. May only have to return to the main menu, then continue, but I usually shut down completely and restart. But, again, after a while passes, all these various different display issues will inevitably return, given enough time.

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It never happens to me when I play in my first world which I have since I started the game. Well, I had it once in ringfort, but that was due to me disabling the FNIX Rising DLC. After re-enabling the NPCs were back to stay.

It does happen when I start a new world and new character for checking stuff, and have to do all the introduction mission again. I can hear the NPCs talking but they seem invisible. So it’s indeed not only Himfjäll NPCs.

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