Hip shooter augmentation

I am killing tanks without looking down the sights but have stopped getting credit for them and research has stopped. I have removed all other augmentations and still nothing. I should have hit the 40 mark are be very close to it by now by it is stuck at 4 and it’s very frustrating. I don’t know what else to do.

I had the same issue. you can’t even accidentally sight in near a tank or it won’t count. I had to kill double the amount to get it to max

the one that always gave me credit was the first one northeast of the first save spot on farmlands, Asotungan Outpost, I farmed him at the end. sometimes you get lucky and two will be there.

Which weapons with which ammo do you use?

Some weapons and ammunitions have an effect that doesn’t count as kill with this weapon, because the final damage was dealt by the effect (fire, lightnings, an explosion,…)
Are really you the one who makes the final shot in every case or may there be opposing machines, your companion, other players?

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that explains some of my issue then as I was using the Exp AG4…duh

i just ran around with the 71 and used fmj, since shock ammo didn’t work, and just ran around the map in a hurry, to get the Challege over & done with, there are others like that also, having to go into the menu after every kill just to see if i got credit or not