Hisinganäs - been here?

To my surprise…

a location in the middle of nowhere (near Sillavik Dumping Station).
Did you find this one already? (Or is it ‘mosterd na de maaltijd’) :smile:

Refering to Gysbert’s map it’s just the name of the peninsula.

Found a collectable - that’s why :smiley:

Yes, I found that. The Dumping station was somehow moved, however the icon is still on the old spot.

Madchaser, If you look closely you see the red icon with a 3, that’s the dumping station with 3 vaults.

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I know, but the dumping station is a bit away from the “Hisinganäset” letters, half the way to the repair station.

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I like that spot. It has about 20 wood trees. :grin: