Hisings Udde - more loot container than is shows

Platform: PC

There is “Hisings Udde” ** -5627 and 4365** witch show that there is 4 loot container on that location.
But for real there is more of “loot”.
I found and opened 6 “loot”
And despite of it, i collected only 3 of 4 “loot”
There is coordinates of them.
-5654 4371 Toolbox. (In red building - on the left)
-5651 4341 Backpack (In blue truck)
-5656 4336 Green ammo crate (In blue truck)
-5632 4342 Toolbox. (that was count down) (In brey building - beneath fence - on the right)
-5622 4354 Green ammo crate. (that was count down)
-5621 4352 Green ammo crate. (that was count down)

Steps To Reproduce: Go to location and search for those “loot”

Images / Videos: If you really requires, i can send them to you.

Host or Client: Solo.

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Win7 x64.

There are multiple locations with more loot than is listed. Salthamn has more loot than is listed and about 18 other locations I have run into as well.

But this is a bug anyway.
At least if Dev didn’t say another.