Hmmmm... Is this the longest?

do I have the longest killshot in the game?.. By accident?


This is such a Bruh moment.

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Also have a look at your longest fight

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My longest fight is also 49 days. But yeah, I think that is longest kill shot by far. :+1:

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Can’t be on Xbox. Pretty sure that machines doesn’t render that far. Whenever I get the chance I try to up my single-shot kill distance, but it seems that it is no possible (for me) to exceed approx. 400 meters. I would love feedback from other Xbox gamers (please state model S or X).

It’s same on PC, I also can’t get much longer than 400 meters, since they don’t render that far at all.

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Same here I’m on the original xbox one and can’t shoot much farther than 400 meters.

And @Dankmichlord_xboxtag how is that possible? Did you just randomly shoot?


@GenerationZeroHero, cool name. Has a nice ring to it :wink:


Its a multiplayer bug , this was mentioned a while ago , don’t have the details , it was discussed on this forum somewhere , it just wanna them thing’s ._i wonder what the curvature angle would be at 4.55Km :rofl:


400 ish same on Ps4 , all devices equal ._ Was thinking the master race would have been double distance :sweat_smile::+1:


Was on xbox buddy… My names dankmichlord

Longest kill shot: 7.41 km :smiley:

That is still amazing. :sunglasses::triumph::+1:

it is a glitch. Can not even render that far.

Not a glitch. Instead doable only in MP.

In SP game, machines won’t render past 400m and even if machine is at 401m and shooting at it, machine doesn’t take any damage.

However, in MP, when players are spaced out, it is doable, since around each player is 400m radius circle where machines render.

Here’s what i witnessed and i wasn’t the only one:
(read the chat and make note the players distance from me)

I definitely think there’s something wonky about those counters! Not just the longest killshot counter, but also the longest battle counter, and the distance traveled counter. Those I know are not correct. I have seen players with distance traveled equal to two whole trips around the earth! :joy:
I know that bullets travel further than the machines render-in distance. You can see this if you stand at the shoreline and fire at the horizon.
I’m sure almost every GZ player has a longer registered killshot than what is actually the case, either if it’s 700 meters or 7000.
If we take @Aesyle’s example of 3,4 km, which is probably equal to the distance between Yttervik and the airfield in the farmlands, what are the odds of actually hitting something at that distance? If a tick or a runners fuel tank was sitting in the open, 3400 meters away from you, even if you sprayed 10.000 rounds in it’s direction, the chances of hitting it are still astronomically small!
Now of course there is a tiny chance, and it could theoretically work, but IMO, the evidence against it working is that so many players have these incredible numbers registered. It’s almost the rule, not the anomaly. That is why I think it’s a bug, just like players supposedly running twice around the planet! :smile:
EDIT: Wait! It was actually tene who’s stats showed he had traveled a distance of 950.000 km! This was back in december, and I pointed out that it was equal to 25 times around the earth! Who knows how the game comes up with these numbers? :wink:

Some in-game stats are wonky and it’s unknown which are counted correctly and which aren’t.

For kill shot, i kept my eye on it until i got 399m confirmed kill shot (with .243 and 6-12x scope). After that, i didn’t kept my eye on it and later on, found .50 cal as well.

Most likely loc for 5+km kill shot is from Rusa Klint (highest point on map, in SE Mountains region). Though, i do agree that any kill shot longer than 1km is next to impossible to do with skill alone and can’t be done without extreme luck.

I’m bit short of 950K km but i’m close to it.

For example, here are my current stats (click here to view)

Perhaps Fast Travel distance is also counted in the total distance traveled stats? :thinking: That would explain why you can have 500+K km traveled.

Still doubtful.
Lets say your fast travel distance is on average 2 km, just to pick a number.
874.000 / 2 = 437.000.
Then divide that number by 1000 gameplay hours, and that means you have to fast travel 437 times pr. hour you play to get that number.
Sorry, I’m not trying to be some kind of smartass here! :joy:

The map of GZ is 10 km2 big. Fast travel from Arkelstorp lighthouse (North Coast) to Hisinganäset peninsula lighthouse (South Coast) and back, and you can get easy 10km per trip or 20km for round trip.

Though, without official word, your guess is as good as mine what exactly is counted into the total distance traveled. To me, it’s just a number that i don’t pay attention to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wonky indeed.

I have only one character and play solo (stealthy gameplay), and my longest kill shot is the one I actually aimed for at 409 mtr for the challenge. My travel distance is only about 60,995 km and I have just under 500 hours play time. So for me my stats are all reasonably normal and consistent with what I have actually did.