Holiday Celebration Event?

Anybody got any idea on what is in the Holiday Celebration Event? The makers don’t even say what is in this event, what can be found and what piece of clothing we are looking for or seeking. The main post about this is never that clear on things.

There’s a bunch of holiday-themed clothing that drops from Rivals. That’s all I know.


So far there seems to be:

  • fancy updo (red, dark?)
  • fancy bowtie (black, blue, orange, purple)
  • fancy blouse with fur scarf (violet/purple, white/grey)
  • fancy suit pants (bordaux, orange, dark grey)
  • fancy high heels (white, blue, purple, red)
    (they’re more like courts)

Shall we do the communal list like usual?

Dropped lvl4 rival (FNIX tank) in Mountains region and didn’t get any of the “Fancy” set items from it. Did get the “Experimental” pants black/red from it though.

Also, dropped random Apo tank in Mountains region and got “Shirt with tie, black/yellow” from it. :thinking:

So, killed several rivals in my game and didn’t get any “Fancy” set items. Did get one “Resistance” item that i already had and 6* .50 cal, nothing from the rest. Here i’m wondering if the “Fancy” items drop from any rival or only those who spawn in during the holiday event timeframe? If it’s the latter then the 50+ rivals i have in my game are useless for the event.

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My pre-existing rivals have spawned fancy gear. However, it’s glitchy :astonished:

At first, every single rival dropped, then none did, then they had a shoe fixation, and now it’s rare but normal.

The drops aren’t guaranteed, but if you’re seeing none at all, deleting the cache seems to help to bring them back. I don’t know why it works, but that’s my experience. When they stop dropping, go clear the cache again.

After another batch of rivals gone, i now started to get few “Fancy” items. So far, i’ve gotten:

  • Fancy blouse with fur scarf, beige/yellow
  • Fancy suit pants, bordaux
  • Fancy high heels, red

Is it just me, or does the “Elegant” set look more fancier than this “Fancy” set? :roll_eyes:

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It wouldn’t be GZ if it wasn’t glitchy. -insert emoji of your choice here-

The cache could generally be used for on-the-fly customization of game look and feel (see main menu).

After dispatching every rival that wasn’t a tank, i got more “Fancy” set items.
So far, i have:

  • Fancy updo, (light blond)
  • Fancy bowtie, (black), (orange), (blue)
  • Fancy blouse with fur scarf, (beige/yellow), (violet/purple), (dark gray/light gray)
  • Fancy suit pants, (bordaux), (blue), (orange)
  • Fancy high heels, (red), (blue), (purple)
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I’ve now taken down 6 rivals and no holiday themed clothing apart from magnum ammo damn the loot is crap

Clear your cache, that’ll probably help. The one in …/Avalanche/GenerationZero/cache

Mine’s currently stuck giving me nothing but shoes if there’s a drop. It’s getting sterotypical.

But ladies love shoes, right? (Forgive me, @Flick, I couldn’t resist :wink:)

I’m on Xbox with no cache to clear, I’ve done 6 or 7 Rivals over the last few days, and like @Rusty_trolley I haven’t got as much as a Christmas sock. And I really like socks :cry:

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