Home Base Defense Is Broken (Our New Home)

There’s No Way To Start Mission. I Have Already did all the setups and mission. The base went red on me.
There’s An icon on the home base saying that there’s enemies attacking my base. but there is none. There’s Also no buttons And No Van Or Whatever There’s A Big Rotating Thing In The Middle instead.
Its Will Not Let Me Destroy The Last Wall, There’s One Wall That’s just Invincible and cant be broken I have shot all my bullet in it and… Nothing Restarted Game 1 million times. When I Join people I Can Do Their But I Cant Do mine.

Hi. This happened to me yesterday as well. I hope it will get patched in the future cus now there is no way to get uranium or schematics etc.

My “Homeward Bound” challenge is stuck at “Our New Home” easy. Everything works except the challenge. I have done easy 5 or 6 times now but the challenge never completes and moves on to Medium difficulty. I’ve read of other problems with “Our New Home” but not this one. Is there something I am not doing or this part of a greater bug?

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Been bugged since Landfall since its trying to track the mission after completion, which no longer appears in your log.


Thanks. I’ll add it to the list of things I can’t do until some fixes arrive.

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