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XBOX Series X

I just got back today 2/23 after redoing my base on 2/19, before the hotfix came out. My base symbol was gone so I thought I’d have to just rediscover it so I walked to the base and discovered the FNIX base and the symbol for it now appears on the map. I have already completed the mission for the base building. I’m currently reinstalling the game. It is consistent with far fast traveling, deleting save and reloading cloud save, and restarting the console. All of which still resulted in the FNIX base being there.

Steps To Reproduce:
It occurred after each step with no change.

Host or Client: Hosting my own game

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SAME - I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game on both Xbox is in my house but same result. It always comes back to the Phoenix face having reappeared and the player having no base building capability.

From what I can determine, there is one commonality between those who are seeing this happen. When persons did the “good news” mission and blew up the FNIX base, at that moment, their game crashed. When they came back after rebooting, the walls of the FNIX Base were still standing - The panel truck has replaced the radar unit at the center of the FNIX base AND the ability to base-build is also active. So my buddy and I were tearing down FNIX walls or putting up Resistance walls so that what we had was a hybrid fort, home base. We thought it was supposed to be a mixed element build.

But, after the update, it shows the “good news” mission is complete, our forts are completely gone and the FNIX structures are back. We have no C4, and the radar structure in the center of the base cannot otherwise be destroyed.

I played this game weekly for two years. Truly love the environment and the gameplay. But I’m itching to get some base building and I’m dead in the water. Help! And thanks.


I got same issue even worse…
Yesterday I finished quest Building Blocks.
I spent almost all my amunation and meds during sige. But finally I got base. I spend hours of learning and building base all of my resorces (I am new in game so it was costly).
Today I log in and base i gone, on map is red icon, but place is empty, every few second new machine spawn in middle of empty field…
worst thing is all my resources are gone, quest is completed so I have no way to get base back, game is bugged with no visable finix base. (no walls nothing just machines spawning)
So this is end of my G0 experience. I am not planning to start from scratch to be stopoed with different bug. And for game which is 4years old its shame that major bug like this can get into live server.

Game carch me, I was addicted to looting, exploring and hording items. But when thing like this happend to new player, its like slap in the face.

PS5 version od game


Could you please post a screenshot of your map with the red icon? In some cases there is a different red icon which shows, that the base currently is blocked.

I had this many times in the past, but everything went fine just by coming back another day. I currently don’t know the reason or if there is a way to unlock it faster. I always thought that it happened if I accidently forgot to quit the game before going into sleep mode of the console.

Yes, the game is 4 years old. But many of the games features aren’t as old, because of the frequent updates. General base building itself is about 23 months old. The new base building in its current state is about 1 year old. The locations where we may build are partly just a few months old.

Every single update changes so much for the game, that it’s no wonder that new bugs happen frequently. That’s sadly the dark side of the coin.

Actually I made short ytb video in case sombody will need to know how exactly issue look like.

If there is way to fix it, I would be glad to continue plaing cus my journy just started.