Home base is invisible

I am on Xbox and after I updated my game I can walk through everything I have built I cannot build in the same spot because it shows it is still there in the build menu I also cannot see anything I have build I also cannot see the truck but I can still activate the waves to fight robots I was the only player at the time bug reports are new to me so sorry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense


I’m getting this exact same issue, I understand what you are saying. It seems as though this issue is overlooked though and nobody is talking about it. I’ve tried so many things to rectify it and contacted the developers via email, social media ect and had no response regarding it whatsoever. There was a hot fix today and, still no fix for this bug!!

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Hey there I’m on Xbox too and just got this issue after the Hotfix on 2/23. Did this happen after the landfall update before the hotfix or earlier?

EDIT: Mine however respawned the FNIX Base but I’ve already done the quest for it.

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If your base becomes invisible along with the buildings but they appeae on the counter for the limit on the building menu, fast travel far away then head back. The base should be visible once again along with what you built.

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This has been going on for a while and then the wolf and more buildings got added so I thought it would have been fixed but it has not

This has been going on for a few months now I have reloaded the game fast traveled all over the map and it still not been fixed by that so I’ve been trying to collect things till it gets fixed

I’ve had this bug for a long time and I thought was just something that was going to be fixed when I reloaded the game and it did not work so I’ve just been collecting weapons and waiting for this to get fixed hopefully yours gets fixed soon

I just started the game up to see if the hotfix fixed it and it did now I feel stupid

I just started it up to see if the hotfix fixed it and it did now I feel stupid

Glad to hear it’s working. Since the issue was solved, I’ll close this report.