Home Team main mission bugged

Platform: Xbox 1

Description: Home Team main mission. Can’t progress further in game because mission items already collected and mission object did not update.

Steps To Reproduce: Loaded into friend’s game as guest. Completed Home Team main mission in his world. Host got completion and completion experience. I did not. Mission gained from war board show they will only save for host. Quit game and load single player world. Home Team mission shows I have all mission items except the 3rd barcode to Vesslan Bunker. Home Team objective is to locate the two clues at the sports field outside Salthamm. Go to field. Map and radio transmission unable to be collected as they do not appear in game. Unable to progress further. Quit/reloaded game several times. Items never spawn and mission never updates.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

Players in your game: 2. I was the guest in a friends game. And switched to host my own game after the mission did not complete for me upon completing the host’s mission.


Bump. This is still ongoing. I cannot progress further in the story line as the “clues” at the soccer field do not appear in game as it says I’ve already collected them under mission items. The mission itself though is stuck on the objective requiring me to collect these two clues.

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