Homemade tanks & anti-tank missiles

Since I don’t think actual tanks would be added to the game (although that would be amazing) it would be cool to have homemade tanks. Also having guided anti-tank missiles that can be launched from a player and could lock on to a machine like a heat-guided missile (probably as an experimental version). While I’m asking for new things, please improve the colors, I use reshade to improve them and I would love to see what the devs could do to improve them, especially for the console players. Thanks for your time.


I think it would make the game too easy and the feeling of being just a small piece of meat would fade away.

We already have the homing turrets (DLC item) for doing that job. The game would become too easy if we got more fire-and-forget weapons, in my eyes.

The only possibility to add these weapons in my eyes would be if at the same time there would be counter measure drones for different tactics.

  • drones with smoke to hide the other machines (use IRview to see and fight them).
  • Heat signature drones that guide heat-guided missiles away from the high priority targets. (Kill them first, then you can use the missiles against other targets)
  • decoy drones that create visual holographic copies of machines (shoot the drone or use IR or Xray view to identify the holograms and real machines).

Could just give the machines Smoke, Chaff, and Flare capabilities, rather than having to invent separate drones to fill those niches. Then the Stinger/Igla/Strela/Javelin/whatever has a counter, and they could be implemented in a roughly balanced way.

Seeing the machines pop any of those countermeasures would make for some incredible sights and sounds… Screenshots or video footage would be incredible. If done well, anyway.


imagine fighting a firebird and shooting a missile at it and watching it pop flares


“…oh, sh–… Things just got even MORE rough.”

Of course, for every counter there must also be a counter… The machines, if they did get access to Smoke/Chaff/Flare cpountermeasures, they shouldn’t just be able to spam them constantly. It would be no good to give us access to a new weapon, shoulder-fired guided missiles or what have you…only for them to be rendered entirely useless by countermeasure spam. The countermeasures would have to be limited in some way.

Only certain machines have each type of countermeasure (dogs don’t get chaff/flare, Firebirds don’t get smoke, etc), they can only use whichever countermeasure so many times or with some cooldown between deployments, or perhaps the player can use some other device to force the machine to waste their countermeasure before the player uses the guided missile.

Maybe toss a flare, the machines mistake it for a missile launch, pop chaff/flare, the player waits a moment for the countermeasure to burn out or dissipate, then the player uses their guided missile during an opportune moment. That would make our flares serve two purposes, or maybe certain machines react differently to the flare—some with the old “target sighted!” reaction, others with a new “missile launch!?” reaction…

Or perhaps the machines wouldn’t be able to use countermeasures when doing other actions, so we’d just have to wait for certain actions to give us our window of opportunity to attack. The Firebird must be preparing to shoot or shooting when we lock on and fire, or it’ll pop chaff/flare and evade—or some other such conditional limitation. Harvesters can’t use countermeasures while “turtled”, but when standing normally they can pop smoke, then retreat a step back and to one aside (random, but remaining within the smoke’s area of effect), then fire their rocket/missile barrage, so long as another Swedish machine is present to relay targeting data, for another possible (complex) example…

“Their countermeasures sometimes interfere with their own targeting systems, too, so shoot back when they shoot, and evade when they evade…” - Mona or Tereshkova, maybe.