Homing Rocket Turret from the Tac Equipment Pack 2

Bought the pack, but can’t find this in my inventory.


Itll be in your plundra, like the rest of the DLC items when they are purchased.

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And you may craft them after unlocking the schematic for it.

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Never had to go to (*my?) plundra.

Kee, crafting is another thing. I’ll focus on that - most of the time not so clear to accomplish in my opinion.

but… what schematic might this be? Searching but not finding…

Take a look in your log, schematics, DLC.
There should be a column for all the items of this pack.

You need to unlock them with DLC schematic points to be able to craft them.
Unlocking works in order from up to down.

DLC schematic points are earned by crafting dlc items.

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You may need to install the DLC. Not sure what platform you are on but Steam/PC you still need to install it after you buy it.

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But how do I install the DLC? Isn’t that an auto thing after buying it?
Got several in the meantime, but never had to ‘install’ it.

How do I do this?

So… I can’t use it after I bought it until I got the schematic points? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


On your Steam page where Generation Zero is open, scroll down until you see DLC.
Click on manage my DLCs. This will open the window seen below.

There if the DLC pack is installed it has a checkmark.
You can add of delete checkmarks to install or de-install DLCs.

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when you make it to your first storage box there should be 5 homing turrets and 5 machine gun turrets in there ready for use. after that you have to craft your own as @Madchaser said. so yes you can use them once you get the download pack but only 5 of each till you can craft your own.

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So sorry, what do you mean by this?
(I sometimes can be a little ehhh…)

Can’t find any DLC notice

Thank you and so sorry - it’s too complicated for me right now.

I meant, the page for Generation Zero in your Steam games library. There you will find the DLC Management section.

Looks like I’ve found it in a Plundra.

But still I can’t find it in my Inventory.

Another - related - question: why are the fields ‘Filter’ and ‘Newest First’ always Inactive?

They wont be in your inventory since, as you can see, they are in your Plundra.

They arent inactive, they are currently active. The reason they are greyed out is because you arent changing the Filters currently.

Yes indeed, I found it in my Plundra and put it in my Inventory, but yet not to be found. I must be doing something wrong.

They arent inactive, they are currently active. The reason they are greyed out is because you arent changing the Filters currently.

This is not clear to me.

For the filters. The reason they become greyed is because you arent interacting with them currently. They will always be active to whatever they are set to, in this the Tactical Equipment 2 DLC stuff is at the top because they are the newest thing that have been put into the Plundra.

As for them not being in your inventory, check the filters set in your inventory as there could be a chance somethings up with it, im not really sure since i dont mess around with equipment often. To change filters, i think you need to press G on Keyboard, cant fully recall but itll be at the bottom of your UI in the Inventory Screen.

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Thank you, I’ll be investigating this asap.

when you picked them up and looked in your inventory, did you scroll “Right” the the gear wheel icon “Equipment”? it should be there. then you will have to “assign to slot” to place them on the battle field. To make more you will need to unlock the schematics for them on the schematics page, scroll “Right” to the “DLC” schematics to buy them as you gain points. fastest way to do that is loot all the ammo you can find, recycle it at a recycling station and make the 9x39mm ammo, recycle and repeat till you have enough points to buy the schematics and then you will be able to craft them at the consumable station. they need a lot of materials to craft so you will def need to do a lot of grinding for parts.

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