Hopes for the game


I’ve seen a lot of threads about wishes for the game. Seems like that always happens for a new game, and sometimes the developers listen, sometimes they shouldn’t IMO.

People say; “Put drivable cars in! Crafting! Animals! Make it more like Minecraft! Make a Battle Royal mode! Base building! It should be more like game X!”

This is how we end up with games like Fallout 76.

My wish for this game is that the developers care about game mechanics, they make the kind of game they would like to play, the progression is rewarding, the story engaging, the graphics and art design are top notch, the multiplayer works intuitively and easily. I hope the developers don’t listen to anyone but themselves and have excellent instincts about what is fun to play, and why people love video games in the first place. I hope the game is polished until it shines.

A well designed video game is like a good movie or book. It takes you along for the ride. The creator’s vision is all that is needed. Video games designed by what the public thinks they want always always always suck.

So far from what I’ve seen this game is going to kick ass. I hope when it’s released the people working on it are proud of what they have made and the game is a blast to play.


xpdx thanks for stating that. I personally think they should at least consider some more plausible and on-topic ideas from people but I totally agree with your bold statement. And devs, I’ve played call of the wild and love it so I think it’ll look great. KEEP IT UP!! And please add some sort of early release for pre-orderers because I’ve preordered the game and I cannot possibly wait 16 days for the game to come out. And thanks for keeping the 80’s alive:P


My hopes are that they stick to basically what they have while still adding to the game. I mean like no adding vehicles or animals because finding food and hunting would be the least of your concerns when your walking through a world filed with deadly machines.