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I am consistantly having issues being disconnected from Steam through the game causing me to be kicked from the game when playing multiplayer.

This happens every 10/15 mins after i log in.

i play other games on steam however i dont get disconnected from that.
im not able to reply from this so i have had to edit my main post**
Platform: Pc through Steam Launcher
Description: When playing in multiplayer I get Disconnected through Steam and kicked from the game, I am aware that when the host stops connection then I get kicked however on many many occasions I have rejoined the same team and they have said they haven’t been kicked.
My internet connection is fine, I don’t believe the issue is with Steam as I play other games on the launcher with no problem at all.
I should also point out aswell I get told during solo gameplay as well that I am have lost connection to Steam.
Steps To reproduce: simply going on multiplayer, there has been times when it has been within 5 minutes and times when its been 20 minutes then ill get kicked.
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Host or client: Client, I am always on someone elses multiplayer game when it happens however I do receive these connection lost messages during solo play.
Players in the game: This happens regardless of if it is 2 3 or 4.

Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
Installed Ram - 16 gb
Windows 10

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