Hot-fix Feedback (15/09/2022)

Well, I admit it, I’m both pleasantly surprised and very grateful. Today’s hot-fix appears at first glance to have actually fixed my Xbox save. All these FNIX control points and the game appears to be back to normal.

I’ve only had a quick look as won’t get time until later this evening, but I toured 5 or 6 locations where I was guaranteed to have various glitches happen and not a single issue arose.

Also, they seem to have tweaked the map a bit too. I don’t remember distance indicators when you hover over POIs etc.

From my brief time with this update, I’m very impressed. Thanks team. :+1:t2:

I’m not sure what’s going on at Garphammar but it seems pretty popular with my rivals after this update.


Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to see how the game runs for other players as well!


Great to hear. :+1:

So far the game runs the same as always, just fine.

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They move in herds… They do move in herds.

Garphammar has always been Machine Central. Sometimes it empties out, but they keep coming back. Wonder what’s there that makes them gather. Mysterious.


More correct (at least translated from the german version of jurassic park) should be:

They move in herds. They are herd animals.


Maybe it’s the (blocked) tunnel entrance because they move there.


I’m going to try this tonight , thanks everyone :+1::+1::fire:

There is a fuel station with cheap fuel so the fueled up :smiley:


I can confirm - Ticks spam spawning is gone :partying_face:

Hagaboda is still a big mess (machines with no sounds, unlootable boxes/backpacks, explosives not exploding, etc).


I played for only an hour today after the hotfix. It’s a little choppy (ps4) BUT I was able to play on the island that was opened with the DLC and I did not have any issues! So happy with it so far! A little scared to try it on my XBox One, but excited all the same! Thank you, developers!!! Your efforts are very much appreciated!!!


Yeah the phasing of colors on backpacks and suitcases were something I used to see a lot of. The main problem I was constantly having was not being able to loot Rivals and Reapers. So stoked to get home and play tonight!!!

Moved to #feedback-feature-requests.

Also making this the main thread for discussing feedback to the September Hotfix.



So far, so good for me too. Played it (Steam-PC) for a solid hour and a bit last night, took out two command bases and didn’t have a crash or any ticks causing issues. Also no issues with rockets not making contact or any of the other issues that I have mentioned in my posts.

For fear of inviting a gremlin, all seems good to me and the game is back to being the great game it was before.

Thank you to all involved with the fixes.


Just startet the game the first time after the hotfix and all my safehouses are lost again!!!

Today I had one crash after one week without crashes. Control point Leräng, a maxed fnix base, just before the final shot to destroy it.
There also is a tree you get stuck at.

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So I got my XBox One version all updated and it plays much much smoother than my PS4 version. One thing I noticed is that I was using my non-dlc rocket launcher on a big enemy and after a little bit the rocket explosion got smaller then would sorta just go through the machine. Other than that I felt more immersed in the XBox version than in the PS4 version.

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I’m on PC, Win10, no crashes, very stable. Thanks Devs

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Been playing it off an on for a while since the hotfix (PC/steam) and can report no issues at all up to now.
In other words I have seen no more of the following issues I was having:
Unopen-able shield generators in bases - fixed
Infinity ticks - fixed
Bases fireworks/air support/auto turret issues - fixed
Game crashes on approaching bases - fixed
Rockets phasing through objects/robots - fixed
FNIX rockets sitting in ground and not exploding - fixed

Winning the lottery - nah, still working on that one I see.
Seriously, thank you again for fixing the game to everyone involved and helping the fixing for us all.


Looks like it’s working again, no crashes so far :+1:

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Got back to the game again last night. Been recovering from surgery so haven’t been gaming much.

The Mission it was stuck on (“Clearing the Way”?) started running without a problem. Calle even complained when I was at the Main mission marker which was well away form where the truck was, telling me to “not venture too far.” :smiley:

Attacked and cleared a FNIX base for the first time. No issues at all.

The only minor thing is (if I have to be picky) that there is a tiny bit of white noise occasionally when I am sprinting when the footsteps sound. I use headphones so its noticeable to me, and my hearing is pretty sensitive. But its not a big deal.

Also when you pick up weapons it does not show in the list of things you pick up on the right. Schematics not showing either.

And after clearing the FNIX base I heard the sound of a Seeker that was apparently stuck under the ground. Guess it needed time alone. vOv

Otherwise, great hotfix guys. Thumbs up.