Hot fix - speculations/wishful thinking

After the landfall update we have discovered some “features” with GZ that might call for a fix!

What would be your “dream pick” of things that would go into such a fix, and when do you think it would be released?

Mine would be “option to choose old UI or wheel”. And possible release would be Mars 4th.


My dream pick would be, that within revamped areas schematics and collectables keep fixed locations or get outlines where they were picked up.


That would help a lot.
I have a party of 3 players in total.
Me and friend 1 play very often and already have all collectibles. Friend 2 joins once in a month for 8 hours on one day and we play his game.

He just completed the story now and we want to help him finding all the collectibles, but we can’t, because we don’t see them in the world any more.

And we try not to use any help from internet.