Hotfix is now available

If you play with a gamepad/controller and want to discuss about the Weapon Wheel, go here, please: Weapon Wheel and gamepad/controler (post-hotfix)


Thank you to everyone who worked on the patch!


Nice, thank you! I look forward to trying it once I get home from work. :smiley:

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Can we just have the option to use the original controls? The wheel setup is awful, I won’t play this again otherwise.

Did you try the hotfix? Also, welcome, @Recaffinator!

In the meantime, if you play with a gamepad/controller, I invite you to share this comment of yours in here: Weapon Wheel and gamepad/controler (post-hotfix)

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Does this fix the M/49 rocket schematic bug? Currently it is in a locked location and cannot be obtained. I need this blueprint!

As far as I know, the hotfix did not fix anything else that is not written in the release note.

I don’t think that it is fixed yet, but you could go to IGA and see if it’s still on the same place. If they fixed it the schematic should be somewhere around not to far from original spot.

Does this fix the Xbox bug that prevents Xbox players from sending invites to friends to join Multiplayer Coop games?

After the Landfall update, the “Invite button” (mapped to the X button on the controller) is missing in the UI.

From what i saw on PC version, its still gone but youre still able to press the button and invite your friends.

Will try this tomorrow , hopefully done !