Hotfix³ now live on Steam

Greetings, Survivors!

We’ve just released the third Hotfix for the Three-Wheeled Update on Steam.
PlayStation and Microsoft will receive this version of the game along with the 60FPS patch very soon, we’re just verifying it with the respective platforms.

  • Fixed a crash that was accidentally introduced in the last Hotfix
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when fast travelling to a field radio

Please let us know about any remaining (or new) stability and crash issues.
If you’d like to read more on how we’re handling these fixes internally, please read this Resistance Report from last Friday.

With gratitude,
The Generation Zero Dev Team

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it has not started on Steam even at this time. Or I did not notice it. How big?

Just downloaded it, but idk how big the update was. It was quite fast downloaded and installed.
I’m now on v.2692806

I have the same version as yours but it has been my version since before today’s patch. But I played the beta when screencap mine.

If mine is patched anew, I am still getting 2-3 failed start when trying to launch the game.

No issues starting the game.
Played now the first missions until stenhaga farm without issues.

Because of my low fps I played about an hour.

Build-ID 13301674, updated on febuary 5th, 10:28 am.

My 11-year-old Baby:
AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.40 GHz
AMD Radeon R7 200, 1GB VRAM
8,00 GB RAM
64Bit Win11

Where do you find the build id 13301674? I am using older save file I have been playing since Dec 2023.

On Steam here:

Steam library, right click on GZ, preferences, updates.

I did no see this a while ago but now I see that mine got updated on 4 Feb 8.55am.

Post hotfix issue for me (Steam)

Assignments are completing and rewards given. However the progression is not recorded nor are the progression icons even showing onscreen.

I noticed a crackling sound in areas where a battle between FNIX’s ground troops and Soviet lynxes/firebirds is ongoing. The mix of the battle music, the world sounds, the player’s sounds (footsteps/breathing/shooting) and the shooting and sounds of the other machines, seem to cause a kind of klicks and crackling sounds. I travelled away to a more serene area, and then it doesn’t happen.


Thanks! We’ve already noted and reproduced this issue, we’re aiming to fix it in the next major update :slight_smile:

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Long time no see! Just started playing this again but it’s very unstable.
Before this update it crashed constantly whenever I was fiddling around in any GUI, that seems to be fixed. Now it instead crashes when I’m just running around in the world. I’m sort of stuck in Salthamn because I can never make it to the next safe house. :cry:

I diligently report every crash with some context, but I’m not sure it gets sent correctly, there seems to be some HTTP request errors…

Win 10 Home
Intel Core i5-7400
A tad short on HDD space atm, around 50GB free

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This ! At first I thought “wow, now we’ve got ricochets or stray shots from a nearby battle” but the sound “effects” got worse and worse and mutated from some “pling plong” to a really annoying crackling distortion… And the sound was always located behind me regardless of my orientation, at least my ears told me so…
For me it happened at Broskulla and started right away at the spawn point in the barn while the battle took part in the field north of Broskulla.

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I dont know if this can wait till next “major” update, this is terrible. Tried to play it last night and its like I have a brain tumor. I was getting Crashes in the Plundra to dashboard. The crackling audio is startling to say the least. Granted I play with headphones almost all the way up, but for situational awareness. Typically the only thing too loud for comfort is being directly under a Firebird when it dies. but thats not very often. With the previous update, I was finally able to ride the Bikes around, use the companion within a MP game, not its like my headphones are on upside down and backwards and cant trust messing in a plundra for fear of glitching while swapping weapons and maybe losing stuff.

I just was south of Norrmira near the hill where spooky barn is when three firebirds had spawned in that same area. This caused the sound bug to appear, after I killed all three the sounds returned to normal.