Hotfix or what?

I’ve started to find loot in the toolboxes again.
Anybody else?

Me too, actually! Without a hotfix. Really weird

Wait sorry wrong forum

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I’ll test this as soon as I get home, boy would that be awesome… What platform are you guys playing on? Maybe instead of 4 hours for toolboxes they accidentally didn’t get that ‘timer’ set correctly. Who knows. However if it’s fixed for multiple people, it can’t be assumed it is related to in-game time and might be something else

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Super wierd. Now everything seems to be back to normal. I’m on Xbox 1

First island every tool box fine , onto large map anywhere tool boxe’s empty , Retro save issue ? . Would starting again solve this ? ? . Any how ps4 up and running , cheer’s , even though there is serious random lagg there is no blue screen to follow , i just Fast travel out of area and game back to normal .

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Xbox… northern areas have empty toolboxes ans joining multiplayer games i rarely find anything in any box. Bodies are empty everything’s empty. Not to mention if the game im joining has 2 people in it i crash while loading

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Do you get the same results when playing solo?

Toolboxes empty solo but ammo cans got ammo

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Which platform are you playing on? Im still having empty tool boxes loot, places that i have never been to. (Ps4 solo).

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This appears to be a problem across all platforms. I play on PC, then xbox and Ps4 are both mentioned in this thread.

Playing the xbox, it’s a known issue with the empty toolboxes. Some in the starter area have crap like a gas canister

I find almost the same amount of loot in the tool boxes as before the last update. Just one of ten is empty. I feel having enough of ammo and medkits to progress in the game. I am close to finish the second island, Sodra Salthomen, quests, locations, beacons. Solo game, PC.

Ps4 Multiplayer yesterday. We are all lvl 14-16. New area host had ammo in all boxes/dead soldiers. Client only in about 20% and only about a third of the amount compared to host. Clients ran out of ammo and had to play solo in their “world” for looting ammo. Toolboxes had stuff in about 10% of boxes for both host and client. Usually clothing, medpack or red gas canister.

We fast traveled to an old area. Host had ammo in all boxes / soldiers. Clients had all empty. Toolboxes mostly empty for both host and client.

A hotfix would be Nice before june update. Now it’s not worth looting for clients. And looting is a big part of the game. Robots had ammo for both host and client but the amount needed to bring them down is greater than the gain.

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