House capable bots

The tics are in the houses which is fine but they are more of an annoyance.

I don’t really see any of the current robots being able to realistically enter and navigate a house chasing the player which makes the houses pretty safe which is also pretty unrealistic. Standing face to face with a robot through a window pounding away at it whilst is can do nothing…

What I think we need is a bot that can enter a house, open doors and navigate, including stairs and that is actually dangerous. A smaller Hunter maybe as the current ones are too big.

One issue I can see is them blocking the doors so players cannot get past to flee (if out of ammo for example with no frying pan attacks currently available).

Bots in human buildings with walls and door is difficult but would be awesome.

But… if something like this would / could be implemented, for the love of Jobe, please stop the Hunter rockets killing through walls and roofs. Small cabins seem to pretty much have no defense when Hunters are firing rockets at you.

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Maybe just letting the ticks, seekers, and runners into the houses, since the hunters jump / rockets etc would be major problems. But yeah, how cool would it be to be hiding upstairs and see a runner just walking up the steps slowly getting closer?

When tick spawn in the houses was introduced, it was relatively broken. On many instances, i secured the house and stepped outside from the only open door i used to exit. As soon as i turned around to go back in, tick “magically” spawned inside the house, at the front of me and sure enough, instantly jumped me as well. That isn’t realistic.

At some point of time, another update skewed the tick spawns where ticks didn’t spawn inside the house but instead outside (behind the house usually). That made far more sense (e.g tick traveled from somewhere to the house i was). I liked that.
But sure enough, someone reported it and devs changed it back to the old method, where tick again spawns inside the house, already secured by player with all doors closed.

As far as other machines go, runners are big enough to navigate houses. Also, runners don’t have to learn how to open the doors, they just blow the door completely off from it’s hinges. <- That is seen on several parts of the map. Door flat on the ground and destroyed runner bodies inside the house.

Rather than designing a new machine who’s sole purpose is to harass players inside the houses, it would be easier to map houses interiors for the runner AI, so they know how to navigate within.
Of course, i have no idea how much coding it’s going to take since there are several different layout houses in game and each layout should be included, so that the runner won’t get stuck in the different houses. That, and partly destructible houses as well, so that runners can shoot doors off the hinges to advance.

I like the idea of runners being able to ram doors open but I cannot see them being able to enter a building and navigate the props.

If you think of the restaurant with tables and chairs everywhere that are non-movable, it would be a nightmare for a long bot to navigate with limited points of articulation.

The suggestion of a smaller Hunter was due to the humanoid form, smaller as the current ones are too big to fit the doors but they would have to have scaled down weapons (SMG or Shotguns I guess). Would make them pretty deadly :thinking:.

That is true but once the runner is inside the restaurant, it doesn’t need to navigate it’s way between tables/chairs to touch you. Runner is about 1.5m in height and it’s weaponry is more than capable of shooting over the tables to hit you. Also, runners can jump, making tables/chairs no obstacle whatsoever.

Unless you move to another room in the same building.

Pathing would just need to be sorted for each building layout with props moved if needed to facilitate it.

TBH runners would be better in some ways as you may have a chance to jump over them to escape :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, and that is a ton of work. And if you’d also include making a completely new machine from scratch, that adds another ton of work. Hence why my suggestion of implementing it onto already existing machine sounds better.

In the latest dev stream, someone did ask if Terminator like enemies that can enter houses and open doors would be a possibility. Devs response is at 00:17:47,

And just a bit forward from that, at 00:18:12 is devs answer about bringing completely new enemy to the game.

I’d like enemies to enter houses. I hate the safety that a house provides. Ideally machines would come in knocking down doors and turning to a slow mode… to avoid buggy behavior. I completely understand the issue with such implementation.

A House is a compact space, Runners should be able to enter just fine if they in those moments don’t run, but turn to walking in, but Hunters might have issues. Still… I think hunters would be the most slow to enter by leaning in and emerging through the doorframe slowly… creepily…