House with computer

At these coordinates -2176.446, -4419.689 there is house in the Marshlands. You turn the generator on and then are allowed to hack the computer console. I go back to the second house which has the lock on the door and I am denied entry. What do I need to do to open the door? Thank again for any help that can be provided.

The door didn’t open for many of us, so it probably is something that will work later in a mission or something.

I could bet that there will be 4 missions or objectives to activate each line that show an error.
Just after completing everything you will be allowed to unlock the door.

Here is the computer.
In german version it currently shows just a placeholder text at the bottom line.

Checked it out, won’t unlock without an access card. Computer screen displays Ö-N674 main control. First big red flashing notice is “system status: security error!”. Electricity is OK but lock X, radio X, data storage Error, area X. Last line is “system restore needed”.

(Resposted my text from Discord discussion about this computer fyi.)

Thanks for the information.

The door can be opened. Maybe it is just bugged. I opened it the other day. Contains the schematic for the EMP 80mm round.

This was my second time at the location, first time did not see the computer in the shed. Came back a couple days later, maybe a few more marshlands missions completed, and found the computer. Turned on power, used computer, said door was hacked, and the door in the cabin opened up for me.

Not sure if something mission related or if it is just bugged for some people.

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Here I am into that room.

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I’m there now, don’t see any schematics anywhere… I’ve been through both buildings, the car and all around the buildings. I don’t see anything but a few bodies.

When I was in that room, there wasn’t a schematic for me either, but that was because I already found that schematic elsewhere in the world long before. For me there was a stim, and some other resources.


Check if you already got the emp rounds schematic for the granatgevär. Before the latest updates it was in a boat at almost the same location.

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