How a melee weapon like a knife or axe would work against machines in this game


Well, all those red wires/hydraulic lines (what ever they are) are exposed so you could perhaps cut them.
Surely that would have some kind of effect on the machines?


i agree, also could knock components away like Horizen Zero Dawn. just don’t smash the fuel cell with a melee attack or it will blow up in your face


Yes. Reward of cutting the line could be slowing down the machine, and maybe you could cleverly disable lets say a tank and thus being able to harvest more components. Obviously that would be very risky as you would probably get crushed.


It feels a bit like trying to rush a battle tank with an axe. Even if the cables were a weakpoint it’d be a big risk to do it, when you could just shoot at them from afar.


If I only had an axe I would run.


that’s why we need Mack’s shotgun axe


There’s a shed with chopped wood in almost every house so i would think there’s axe there too :slight_smile:


It would be nice if you could use it on ticks though. I’ve gotten to the point I can track them well enough with the handgun to shoot them before they hit me with their jump attack, but I’d much rather not waste ammo on them (8XP feels like nothing past level 10)

I still contend that a good sledge hammer (16 ounce or heavier), or a good solid mattock or pickax would be the way to go here. That said, I’d love to go running around with an estoc stabbing the runners to death (maybe strap it to the bottom of my hunting rifle to carry it?).

Honestly though, we’re not dealing with reactive or even composite armor here. Even if we assume something like AR500 plating, a melee weapon would still be a decent way to knock off the armor before shooting stuff.


A Bayonet would be pretty nice i think, military or collector could have couple at their safes.


it still overall would be useless on larger enemies like hunters and tanks/harvesters. I do agree that this would be a good means of fighting smaller enemies, but what about the bots easily mowing down an unarmored target at point blank if you accidentally hit an armor panel or while your running at it for the kill? just a thought!


I think a simple claw hammer could work. Use the claw end to strip off components on anything smaller than a tank and just use the hammer end for ticks and maybe dogs. Would make for some funny vids as well because you know someone will solo a tank with just a hammer


Or fire axe. In a bigger village they could add a fire department where we probably could find the axe.


I would like to see some melee weapons in the game because I’d rather not waste ammo on Ticks or the Runners than smashing it with a sledgehammer or an axe