How about a man powered glider option for travel


Maybe a bike / propeller powered glider would be cool. You could traverse the map silently in the air and land in and take off in open areas ( fields , roads etc). This could be an alternative to fast travel. Also, I heard you were considering adding wildlife , but I think that would dilute the menacing atmosphere of the game. Think about it, if this invasion actually happened in real life, those machines would have killed off the animals long ago, so the fact that there are no animals around makes the menace all the more real.


Ps. I hadn’t heard of this game 'till I saw it in a youtube new games video . I have to force myself to stop playing it, easily one of my favorite 2 games now. Awsome!!


Any player controlled air vehicle isn’t going to happen. Bikes are already quite a big stretch from devs part, which, at times, devs regret adding bikes. Reason behind any vehicle (including bike) is that you’d be missing a LOT of scenery and scenery is one of the best if not the best aspect of GZ.

Air bound vehicle would enable player to travel anywhere, including mainland and other islands. To keep players for reaching unwanted parts of the map, devs need to put in invisible barriers and latter is something devs don’t want to do. Currently, the barrier is water and once you get deep enough, you get booted back to the shore.
I’d rather take the natural barrier limiting my movements than invisible barrier.


I agree with @Aesyle on all points except perhaps the thing about missing the scenery. I often stand at the top of a lighthouse enjoying the spectacular views. Flying over Östertörn would be super.


Game would not be able to handle it.


And I don’t expect it to happen. It would be awkward too, because it wouldn’t fit with the setting and story. But the view would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Off topic, but couldn’t resist bad humour

“How about a man powered glider option for travel”

Hope its not one of those gliders types which are powered by the famous Ă„rtsoppa gasses. :rofl:

(fyi: ärtsoppa = pea soup, is considered one of the world most dangerous food for gas production. :smiley: )


Would it be CO2 neutral?


It’s a cool idea, though I think that the game would have problems rendering so much distant land at once that it’d be a heavy performance impact.


During a developer stream bike race they used a player in some sort of fly mode to follow along and kept having issues because of that


Yes, it only releases extremely high amount of methane. No Co2 emissions. :wink: :smiley:


What about a hot air balloon? We have plenty of gas tanks and as it would move very slowly, the rendering problem could probably be handled. We would be easy to take down, though :thinking:


Please do not ignore info on the matter.
Thank you.


This is supposed to be a very difficult survival-against-impossible-odds game not Far Cry: Robots.


I don’t think anyone is ignoring the possibility of game performance @Xogroroth, but it’s still a cool idea :slight_smile:


Very difficult?
Are we playing the same game?
I mean, it SHOULD be… but it’s VERY far from, it seems.
It’s a Loot/Hoard thing now, not a shooter or CERTAINLY no longer a survival game. :slight_smile:
I agree (though not so my thing), but seeing the game caps out at 450/500m…
Also, the “fly-dude” that happened to be there when the whole thing buggered out would be noteworthy to think off? :wink:
OMG, I want a Cybertruck…
I mean, think about this: motorized… yet SILENT? XD

(Imma shut up, or heck we might get one… O_O )


If you’re new to the game and playing solo it is pretty hard for a long time. Of course it gets a lot easier with the best weapons, skill points and familiarity.


Uh… no?
Hard, where?


@Aesyle… you dont get to see any scenery when you fast travel either, so you’d at least get to see the scenery ( a great view) with a glider. I would suggest the glider would not be able to fly over water (loses altitude and would crash if you did not turn back. Similar to Rage 2s’ flying vehicle.). Additionally, it would be cool if you could bail out over an area where you cant land and chute down. You could later craft another glider ( like you do with bikes). Man I love GZ, It’s my fav now!


Would be able to get some amazing photos


I concur!!..and some amazing game footage as well :wink: