How about a 'Time Jump" to mainland


So, we have Sweden, the end 80’s, where “it all began”.
What would you think, that mainland would bring us a futuristic version, set in a certain future.

One idea could be that a group of terrorists (let’s call them WASWAS), under leadership of Ban Ledin, tries to run amok though hacking the Central Defence Calculator successfully, and turning the machines against it’s people.

Reason: chance of atmosphere, change of pace, change of scenery, more options available, …

Or just have a GZ2, ofc…

Note: any resemblance to actual situations is mere coincidence.
I am not to be held serious in the setting, but the idea of a different ‘time zone’ is meant to be slightly more of consequence here.


" Hanz the german police officer ‘’ is my favourable name for the terrorist leader but now i like your ‘’ ban ledin ‘’ … Hey xoggy just laugh :joy: :+1:


Maybe he can team up with Hassam Hoeddein and the clone of Tirhel…


Not a big fan of changing the time / atmosphere of the current game. Not to say it’s a bad idea, just not to my taste.

GZ2 may be a better option although it would have to separate itself enough from other stories (future foreboding or fictional) to be distinctive enough.

Sucked through a portal which the bots are coming through in to a different time where XXXX country is trying to change history by altering the past etc…

The islands in GZ are great as they add some variety whilst still maintaining a limited natural play area. Games like DayZ set on a bit of land have to erect fictional or invisible barriers to prevent players 'trying to get out. This sort of breaks the illusion for me.

Having it located in a city would be good with the vertical aspect but the challenge of bots climbing stairs realistically etc and the amount of work in a city (modelling etc) would be massive.