How about new survival/scavenger difficulty in the game?

I would like to make a reservation right away that I am not proposing to introduce hunger/thirst and other standard mechanics of survival games into GZ. Because the game is simply not about that and I know it.

I’m rather talking about an additional level of difficulty that will not just increase the HP of enemies or damage they dealt. Just because it does not affect anything, except that you will simply die more often, and your enemies will become even bigger sponges for bullets.
Because of this, I suggest the difficulty that could make the game more immersive by actively inclining the player towards a more stealth and true guerrilla-like style of play. After all, this is a game about guerrillas, isn’t it? At the same time, I want players to have more motivation to search cars, buildings, containers, etc., rather than hoping that there will be enough ammo and first aid kits on the next robot corpse. So that sometimes the player needs to take a break from battles in order to make the necessary foray to some point of interest to replenish the resources necessary for crafting ammunition and consumables.

What I would suggest for this difficulty level:

  • Much less ammo and first aid kits in containers and on enemy corpses, motivating the player to pay more attention to crafting, rather than relying on everything ready-made. However, some containers may spawn empty by default to avoid making loot too generous in areas where there are way too many containers.
  • There are also little fewer resources for crafting, especially rare ones.
  • The speed of health recovery from first aid kits has been reduced.
  • Base carry weight a little reduced.
  • After death, the player loses part of the experience earned for the current level AND/OR drops to the ground some of the items from the inventory that were not tied to quick access slots. A non-disappearing backpack with things, marked on the map, remains on the ground until the player picks them up. This is need because now the game absolutely does not punish death in any way, and sometimes even makes it profitable to die and respawn in safehouse, than trying to survive.
  • Fast travel can only be done to certain important locations, such as command bunkers or captured control points. This is necessary in order to make moving around the world more meaningful. Because as you open up most of the map, the game literally pushes you to teleport at every opportunity instead of walking or driving.
  • Robots receive even less damage to armor, but increased damage to components. Clarification: I don’t see the point in increasing enemy survivability even more, however it will encourage accurate shots and penalize for spamming into enemy heel.
  • Grenade launchers deals increased damage with a direct hit, but grenades for it are much less common.
  • Damage from explosions of gas cylinders has been increased, motivating the player to use traps and ambushes more often.
  • Enemy respawn speed has been reduced.
  • Tanks and Harvesters are less common, but they are more durable and the loot from them is richer.
  • In some areas of the map, the density of enemies has been reduced in order to eliminate situations where there are 10+ hunters in one place.

I know that this is not suitable for everyone and some people is satisfied with yolo-play, when you rush with a machine gun to the tank, simultaneously gorging yourself on first-aid kits. I’m just offering a custom difficulty level for those who want more risk and immersion from the game. For those who want that same feeling of danger that arises at the very beginning of the game, when you have few first aid kits and ammo, which is why you have to play more carefully. So that this feeling does not leave you throughout the game until the very end.
Perhaps this will motivate many players to return and replay the game again for discover it from a new side. Or even buy some DLC for it which should be beneficial to developers, isn’t it?

Or we just need a flexible difficulty setting function that will allow us to adjust the HP of enemies, their damage, their shooting accuracy, the amount of loot, its respawn time, etc. So that everyone can play the game that he imagines in his own head.

Anywhay, what do you think?


It’s an outstanding idea that will unfortunately never happen. That’s the fate of this game. GZ is a game with truly epic potential which will never be further developed in any meaningful way, unless one defines weapon skins and simple events as meaningful. It almost hurts to say that, as this is one of a handful of games which I’ve put a couple of thousand hours into- but real legitimate content ended a few years ago, and there’s currently not one iota of a sign that this will change. Kudos to you for suggesting it however.


That’s somehow contrary.
I support your first sentence, but not the second. Crafting in GZ already became a too great part, as you can craft everything easily fast, if you have enough ressources. Some things are really cheap, some are as expensive that it’s hard to be able to always have enough (companion armor, which you can’t find out there). There is balancing needed in my eyes.

I don’t like that as much. Things that can’t be found out there shouldn’t be even harder to get. For everything else, it’s ok.

maybe we can put some bepp cola in the game :nerd_face: I imagine it’s like jolt cola with lots of caffeine, maybe the hunger thirst thing for some event, but not as a permanent thing