How Awesome and Amazing is this Game?!

While we get on this forum probably to discuss bugs or report on things we’ve found in the game, I just wanted to take a minute to say how awesome this game is!

  • Starting with the World itself!
    The graphics and world of this game are amazing! Sometimes I pause and just look at the game without battles or anything going on, to listen to the wind or a storm! I’ll watch the wind blow leaved from trees and just get lost in the realism! Even my daughter is using a screenshot from playing the game with me as a backdrop for her computer!!

  • The Era
    I love the time its set in! All things involving the 80s I love! and so this is just amazing for that feel!

  • Just a PVE
    I love that its just players versing the environment! To many other games with PVP elements you just feel its geared to those with more experience or more money and so you lose constantly! Definitely a horrible feeling!

  • The Crew working on this game
    These guys may not be many but they’re trying and they’re listening! A while back I had suggested as well as others had, that a companion would be amazing! And here we have companions now!

From all the things I’ve loved about this game I was able to get a nephew of mine to get the game on PS4 and he loves it! (I’m hoping a crossover platform is being looked into for that as he doesn’t have a PC) LOL!

While I just wanted to thanks everyone involved in bringing this game to us, I wanted to see what others have to say about what they love about this game! Believe me, it helps them! Because if all they hear is something isn’t working, it gets easy to get disgruntled.

So please let them know what you love! :grinning: :+1:


I don’t really have to add something from my side.
There are exactly the same reasons why I love this game.

The graphics (Models, Animations, textures) could be better nowadays, but the lighting combined with the realistic change of the suns position and the moving shadows is just perfect. You can even use it to navigate or to guess the time. And there is weather!

The setting, taking place in sweden in the 80s with these machines as enemies, is unique and so great.

And it’s a FPS with an open world, intended to play cooperative, but also can be played all alone. And with an open ending. That’s rare and the perfect mix for me.

Last but not least, the team and their way to interact with the community and the ongoing process of development for new features, content and story missions is a thing which pulled me into the forums for taking part at the process somehow.

And that’s where we are now.

Big thanks for this great game!

P.S.: I use screenshots from Generation Zero as background and lockscreen for my mobile :wink:


Thanks for the great feedback! I’ll be sure to let the devs know :slight_smile:

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I love that so much! I was a kid of the 80s! Those times were something different! I’m always drawn to that time period more than most! I love synth-wave music and arcades! I just went to a Retro expo and loved it! :grinning:

That was something that took me by surprise actually! I had been playing the game and started looking up some tips online on how to handle different issues! That’s when I found the forum and before long I started getting to hang out with awesome people like yourself, getting help or just having fun chatting! Glad to hear from you Madchaser and I’m hoping others will share too!

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I just realized another reason this game/community is so awesome! That is how its bringing people together from different countries and languages together!


I’m American (please don’t hold that against me! LOL!) And while I knew this game was based in Sweden, I never thought about developers and others on this forum being from Sweden! I’m sorry I’m a moron and should have realized that sooner! I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden its so beautiful!

Here’s another thing, I love about the game … the lore! Things to find that makes you want to investigate more! Little stories within the story! Easter eggs that are just completely awesome! I don’t want to give any away, but I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about!

I agree with most things.
In my opinion you forgot about 2 things :

  • Most of the Weapons look and sound very good, its very fun to use them.

  • The Weather when works, looks good, fog, storm, rain, sunny, cloundy, dark nights (WHEN IT WORKS, because many times its always sunny or its raining and sunny at the same time)

  • Then like other mentioned, the graphics are indeed still very good, even with next gen systems available and better PC settings arriving every year, its going to be one of those games that even after 15 years its going to look very good (unless you are a 4/8 k weirdo)

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