How do I find these missions?

For a long time - question: how do I find these side missions?

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Those should all be at ringfort or at south coast region.

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Check in your side-missions log which side-mission you don’t have.

These are the 10 side-missions for FNIX Rising

1 Never Trust Anyone
Location: Farmlands Region

2 In the Face of Adversity
Location: Farmlands Region

3 Summer Vacation
Location: Farmlands Region

4 We Are the Resistance
Location: South Coast Region

5 Fighting the Future
Location: South Coast Region

6 The Hatches
Location: South Coast Region

7 Energy Independence
Location: South Coast Region

8 Synapses
Location: South Coast Region

9 Fuel to the Fire
Location: South Coast Region

10 The Virus
Location: South Coast Region

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Look for them in your mission log menu.
Once you find one of them, click on it and then track it. Follow your HUD to where the mission is at. Repeat as needed.

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Ah, ok! Well, I should have found them by now.

But another thing, and I think I’m to blame… just resently I started searching/picking up all weapons that I can find on locations I’ve been before. They were just too much, too heavy etc.

But at the same time I discoverd that new missions are revealing themselves - on locations I’ve been before, looking for collectables etc. etc.

Could this be the reason Missions would not show themselves?

and Gysbert: this is still undoable for me, don’t get it. Feels like a barrier for other missions to come:

2 In the Face of Adversity
Location: Farmlands Region

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Harold, don’t you have anybody to do it for you, I have sometimes asked my children for help. I remember for instance in the game Ghostrunner, I asked my son to come to help me get passed some - for me impossible - jumping sequence, which he did in one go. :man_shrugging:

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In thát case, children would be a perfect solution.

But no, no wife, no children here. Only hungry cats from neigbours who get spoiled by me.

Exploring it now! Thanks all :smiley:

All done, except for In the Face etc. etc.

Do you mean the Torsberga fort?

It’s probably that garage that needs a key to be opened.
Now I’m searching for a key…

I meant there:

In the basement there is a warboard which contains the main missions of FNIX rising… I’m not sure if some side missions are activated through it, too.

At least you should find all missions in southcoast region. By looking at the mission logs, you should also nice a special icon behind the FNIX rising missions.

Last but not least… There remains a chance of a possibility that this challenge is bugged and that you cannot finish it, because you already did all the missions, but they were no counted all. :man_shrugging:

Check the list, gysbert posted.

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this one, for me at least, was found on the bike stand just after you cross the bridge from the farmlands into the forest region. should just a have a side mission marker by that bridge. it popped as soon as I went to the resistance base in the farmlands region that Madchaser shows on his map. and youtube has pretty much every mission location and how to complete them.

Thanks, but it’s not about the location, it’s finishing this mission on a bike.

Twice a get an arrow pointing to the right, but can’t discover a road at these points.
Probably have to study on those YT vids.

The Warboard.

Coördinates are hard to find - for me. Don’t know how other people can pinpoint a location.

You could use gysberts map as help for the correct route. Just practice it a few times without starting the mission.
By that you have no hurry and can clear roaming machines.

If you then start the mission, there should be less machines on your way.


That are just mission indicator icons, they do not show where to turn, as far as I know. You just need to learn the whole route starting from the bridge near Lillå. Like Madchaser said, I mapped out the route on the map. Then it is just practicing that route.

I made a cut out and turned the map 180, to make it easier to follow, but there is only one turn. The obstacles and the machines are the real challenge.


Ah! grrrr…

There is a left turn! I’m sure I missed this - how could one know?

Thanks again guys. Obsticles are my challenge.


Finally, I made it! Bottleneck was that left turn. Didn’t know that. Now I got it in just one attempt (explored the route from finish to start). Got my reward from the container.