How do I get “A Wrench in the Works” mission?

There’s 4 main missions in Uttern Bunker at Mountains Region.

3 main missions from Warboard in Uttern Bunker, Lost and Found, Radio Silence, and Back on Track.

Now, I can’t figure out how to trigger A Wrench in the Works mission.

I believe it’s the Radio Silence and Back on Track missions that need to be completed before getting A Wrench in the Works.

Really? So I have to finish 3 main missions (Lost and Found, Radio Silence, and Back on Track) before A Wrench in the Works quest show up?

A Wrench in the Works is part of the main missions questline, yeah. If you do those missions it should show up.

I completed 3 main missions in Mountains Region. After I finished Radio Silence, it didn’t show up.

You can see I finished Warboard-Uttern Bunker, Lost and Found, Back on Track, and Radio Silence. These 3 main missions are from Warboard-Uttern Bunker.

You can see that I finished Classified Information Challenge after I completed the last mission, Radio Silence.

Damn. Looks like this issue is still around. Others have experienced the same thing on consoles. I hate to ask for people’s patience, so I’ll go ahead and see if I can forward it to the devs to check if they’re aware of the issue.

Yeah, seems like A Wrench in the Works was never begin with in the Warboard mission at Uttern Bunker. I only seen 3 main missions in a Warboard blackboard, Radio Silence, Back on Track, and Lost and Found.

I had 2 unfinished quests bbefore patch the enemy of my enemy and wrench in the works. Patch fixed the enemy of my enemy and was able to finish but still not getting wrench in the works.

So they patched both missions?

Hello everyone! :wave:

To unlock “A Wrench In The Works” you need to complete the following missions:

  • "Refueling" (From the Farmlands warboard)
  • "Courage, Power and Resilience" (From the Forest City warboard)
  • "The Old Guard" (From the Marschlands warboard)
  • "Lost and Found" (From the Mountains warboard)

Please check that you have completed these missions. When you have, “Wrench In The Works” should appear in your log.

Hope this helps!

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I have completed all of these but not getting wrench in the works.

The system I’m playing is on Xbox One and first time I play Generation Zero is on October 18th so I don’t know if mine affected by September update or later. It seems like people have an issue with it when they playing before September update. So I don’t know if playing after September update will fix the quest, A Wrench in the Works?