How do molotovs work?

So, i’ve just bought the tactical equipment dlc and i don’t understand how the molotov works, or how much damage they do. Sometimes they two shot an enemy and sometimes they only do 2% damge. I have already looked around the internet but have not found an answer. do you have to hit a specific spot or do they just do random damage?

Good question.
Didn’t find anything about it.
I’d guess it does component damage, so if you have an armored enemy and you the armor it will not take much damage.
But it’s just guessing.

yeah i thought that too, but I threw 5 molotovs against a military hunter on his head, his back, his stomach motor thingies and his feet, but he only got like 30-35% damage.

Fire isn’t the most effective method against most of the robots. Try using a flamethrower against hunters… It takes really large amounts of ammo and time to kill one. But you often damage more than just one.

On the other hand, a flamethrower is the best way to get rid of ticks. So maybe molotovs are just the wrong weapon against hunters… Or hunters the wrong targets.

I, mean i would try the flamethrower, but I don’t have the right dlc lol but still thanks for the help

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